To make space, we have to expand

In times of stress, overwhelm and exhaustion we tend to contract. We pull our energy inwards and ‘shut down’ as a way to conserve energy and keep ourselves safe. And that’s good and right in many circumstances. It allows us to recoup our energy, emotional reserves and let our passions etc begin to build again. There’s a lot to be claimed and understood in this still time.

However, what if there was another way? What if the contraction was actually making us small and .. well contracted in our life? On a physical and chemical level closing inward gives us less space – our organs are pushed together as we make ourselves physically small (think hunched over).

To make space we have to expand – claim that space – whether that’s by expanding our body – breathing deeply and expanding our abdomen which enables oxygen to flow everywhere internally with ease, and¬†energetically – breathing out into the space around us – giving ourselves space. In this space we have room to breathe, focus, play and invite in possibilities and options.

Depending on the situation, this may seem a stretch so I invite you to keep an open mind and be curious. Play with expanding when you want to contract. It could be as simple as resisting the urge to curl up in  bed with food and drink and instead choosing to sit with the issue or trigger and breathe. Expand and be curious about what comes to you in the space.

If life feels too small then make it bigger! Breathe, expand, give yourself space – all the space you need.

This week I invite you to notice all the times you contract and expand. What are your triggers? Notice them with love and take a moment to stop and review and then decide what’s best for you.

My space meditation might help you get into expansion.

With love and Blessings