Karyn C Nash

A wise and generous coach

Sam and I worked together for a few sessions to kickstart a project I am working on. From the first session, Sam’s coaching was incredibly powerful. Sam supported me to work through past events that might have held me back from my project. Despite the power and intensity of our work together, Sam created much space for playfulness and curiosity which helped me to dream bigger. I was blown away by the amazingly detailed notes Sam emailed after each session. They are invaluable and help to keep me accountable for the ideas that arose in the space Sam created. Thank you Sam!



Thanks so much, Sam.
These coaching sessions with you have been such a gift.
I’m just amazed at how much we were able to accomplish with just 3 sessions.
You’ve really helped me to get clear, centered and into a place where I feel I can confidently move forward while staying in tune with who I am.  I can better stay on course and have fewer times when I’m pulled off course.
I’m looking forward to what I’m going to create.
I have more joy in life


Keryn Paull

Wonderfully Wise and Caring

My admiration and gratitude to Sam is boundless – she has with the greatest empathy and wisdom been able to help and lead me to deep insights about the changes I’ve needed to make in my life.

Her very gentle and calm ways really hold the space for one to dive deep into one’s own resources to access innate knowledge from within. Her work incorporates identifying and transforming the limiting beliefs that most burden us – those pesky thoughts that seem to be in the driving seat tenaciously blocking the way to our greater potential. Sam’s work gets in under these blocks and leads the way to a whole new sense of self.

She is a friend, a mentor, a sounding board, a port in the storm and a fellow traveller along the journey together. Wonderfully wise and caring, her support is very tangible, sending healing and loving Reiki energy whenever the crisis moments hit, and is always just a phone call away when one needs an extra boost of confidence or support. As a superb extra bonus she writes up notes, sending those and her insights from each session providing a record of the work in all its stages and giving one reminders of the progress made through the beautiful journeys she facilitates.


Fantastic and very intuitive Feminine Power coach and Reiki healer

l have been working with Sam over the past 7 months and have been supported to be empowered and increasingly able to take the steps in my life needed to move forwards.  Sam is so intuitive and sensitive, and has amazing ability to hone in on the key points. It is great to be clearer on what I will no longer tolerate, have power statements, new stories and clear actions to facilitate achieving my vision in a curious playful way.

Sam has really held a safe space for me and sensed when I needed more support, offered and sent Reiki long distance, which has made a huge difference at a very difficult time in my life. I also had a hands on Reiki session with Sam and am so in awe of her amazing gifts as a healer.

Sera Golding-Young

Powerful transformation!

Sam has this unique ability to hold you in this magical space of deep, deep care, wonder and openness for transformation. Working with Sam feels so effortless. She gently (yet at the same time, powerfully) holds you so you can access the places that seemed too much to see alone – and being held in this manner helps you to access these blocks with ease and self love. Thank you Sam for taking me to this place over and over again! Your kindness, support, love and magic is such a gift!

Helen Parnell

Life changing healer

I have had several sessions with Sam, both as a coach and also for Reiki training. I highly recommend her for both. She holds a beautifully grounded and sacred space where I felt safe to explore issues that were holding me back. I found clarity, inner strength and deep healing from our sessions. I now feel empowered in my feminity and as a sensitive woman I feel more confident in tuning into my intuition and trusting what I feel. She has such a gentle  calming presence unlike any healer I have ever worked with.

Amanda Tress

Thank you Sam for holding that this is the time and inspiring me with confidence to live a bigger life. Your work is so sweet and tender and EFFECTIVE. In one session it allowed me to move forward from an eddy, in which I might habitually have spent years, to a place of hugely increased confidence in my own work. I look forward to more. The value you offer goes far beyond the financial investment you invite.

For Spiral Healing session: Sam is such a subtle, discrete and practical quantum healer. She holds space with clarity and generosity, brings her own vast intelligence and rich practice to the session but only in service of the client’s insight and benefit. In three Spiral Sessions she has helped me craft a container for deep change and shifts in my way of being in the world at all levels. There is so much to take away and work with. I am intrigued to see how my life unfolds as a result and perhaps in ways I cannot yet imagine. Thank you so much Sam, your work is of such value and I am so grateful to be part of it. If you are ready for heart-opening change  I recommend you book now!

Victoria Saunders

I, not different to many women was struggling with the everyday challenges of life, work and well ‘adulting’ really. I can now honestly say I was unhappy, lost & confused, with more questions than answers. I had been living with stress for over a year, I was allowing bad habits to fester and I was becoming unwell. The first wake up was several visits to the doctors over a few months…then a friend said she recommended Sam and well I decided to go for it, ready to tackle my problems perhaps not really truly knowing what they were or what would come out of the coaching. I was drawn to the natural and alternative side and the recommendation sold it for me.

Sam created a space where I felt safe, and for the first time ever able to say and describe the feelings that had been over-whelming me. The process became more and more easy through Sam’s support. It was like peeling an onion, the layers just peeled back one by one to reveal the next topic for our session. The process felt natural, and like a force bigger than me was guiding us…of course that was Sam! I can only describe the process as magical! The first few sessions just somehow opened my eyes to the world around me, the way I communicated with people changed my whole outlook on relationships with people close to me and people I interacted with in my life. I went from an apologising, self-hating, unsure girl to a confident shining women in 6 months. Ready to start tackling life, aware and present. For me, finishing my sessions with Sam are actually just the start.

I would recommend working with Sam for whatever place you find yourself in, having someone to guide you towards seeing the world and your place in it through your own eyes is magical and life changing! The work was deep, at times painful but looking back it was easy and the changes I have made are small, subtle and at times just simply mean choosing happiness, not letting things get to you, reflecting back positive to any negativity and just simply asking if you are confused about something …dont let mis-communication happen or be part of your life.

Sam has taught me to love myself, be myself and live life for myself, in my own way. We are all more powerful then we think and we can have influence on situations that feel out of control. I also want to mention here that although this is a form of coaching and an alternative therapy Sam’s insights are practical, logical and are drawn from you.

I am sure that I will work with Sam again in the future when I have a new goal to set…this is a busy year for me as I’m getting married and I want to start a family with my partner so there are sure to be new challenges for me to face. However for now I am on the road to being healthier, happier and more me!

Alexis Blenkarn

I asked Sam for a coaching session because I needed some space to be cared for and nurtured. I am a busy mum of three, and balancing family, work, play is an ongoing learning process. Sam held a beautiful space for me to breathe and let go of tension, to be present and talk through the large and small issues on my mind. She brought me back into my body, with breathing and visualisation, and offered me her gorgeous, healing energy. She mirrored back to me what I had said by sending notes on our conversation, and practical suggestions to help me practice embodied presence in the flux of daily life. I really appreciated her presence and ability to listen helpfully, to laugh with me, to let me shed a few tears, and I left the conversation feeling lighter, heard, and seen. Sam offers the opportunity to do deep, soulful, clarifying work in a safe, supportive space. I encourage others to book in with her for greater peace of mind in the midst of chaos!

Dawn Tarter

Sam’s amazing superpowers created the perfect space for me to explore what was holding me back from the health and vitality that I had so deeply yearned for. Since working with Sam, eating has become a blessed joyful pleasure for me, and I feel so much serenity and wellness in my body around food. I am experiencing the joy of life!

Sam’s mere presence in each coaching session is transforming. Her powerful energy of peace, acceptance, understanding, compassion, and respect creates a place of safety from which your own truth-telling emerges. Truth-telling to yourself, that is, which, of course, is essential to evolutionary development as well as issue resolution. Sam encourages full expression of yourself, the light and the dark, and with her brilliant curiosity, she is greatly skilled in guiding you to cultivate your inner knowing through her insightful reflections and questions. The empowering field of creativity she holds for your self-actualization helps you harvest your own insights, bridge the gaps and develop your confidence. Sam brings with her a considerate and kind sense of playfulness, humor and fun, which adds a significant dimension to the field of creativity necessary for your full expression. With Sam, you feel validated. You feel confident. You feel uplifted. You feel complete. You feel transformed.


Thank you so much Sam for such a powerful session on Wednesday. I feel clearer, empowered and increasingly able to take the steps in my life needed moving forwards.

I’m so grateful to have learnt a technique to release energy that is not mine within my field and cleanse and protect my energy without any influences. I am so grateful to be working with you, for your experience of energy work and your willingness and flexibility to incorporate this into a Feminine Power coaching session – many thank yous.

It is great to be clear on what I will no longer tolerate, have power statements, new stories and clear actions to facilitate achieving my vision in a curious playful way.

Jo S

Thank you Sam, I found yesterday really insightful, just vocalising how I feel about my body was very powerful, not something I share with anyone else. Also understanding the hang ups my mums family have with fat and appearance and knowing it’s their issue not mine; that realisation was huge, not sure where it stems from but that’s something for them to work on. I am so glad that you have decided to follow this path, challenging conformity in society when appearance is so fundamental to peoples confidence and perception of themselves and others. I am learning to love myself especially the less than perfect bits of me!

Manal Khalife

I was looking for a way to help me transition out of my old relationship, after being married for 12 years, and moving forward into my new life as a single mom. A ton of insecurities showed up, telling me I’m not good enough, no one will want me, I’m not pretty enough, I’m going to self sabotage etc. And I was very very emotional and afraid of the consequences of that type of thinking. I knew, rationally, none of it was true, but I was feeling it on a deeper emotional level and even feeling physical symptoms of this imbalance. I chose to work with Samantha, because she is SO unbelievably caring, and sweet and a gentle soul. I knew I needed to work through this gently because of how violent and traumatic it felt on a deep level. I knew she’d be able to guide me and facilitate the healing for me.

We worked through very old traumas that I didn’t even realize were there. Deep stuff that, in my YEARS of doing healing work, had not come to the surface. Perhaps it didn’t ever feel safe until I worked with Sam. I am SO grateful to her. The biggest thing I got was that I processed through emotions and things that were decades old that were absolutely sabotaging my life in the present, making me feel weak and needy and off balance.

Samantha is an absolutely amazing coach and facilitator in the healing process. She helped me reach depths I didn’t know existed, and as a healer myself, that is SO valuable to me and I’ll never forget her support and gentle guidance through this process of Conscious Uncoupling. That same day we completed the process, my ex sent me some positive texts and I know that my kids and myself and my former spouse are in a better place to create a positive and whole family, despite the fact my former spouse and I are no longer together. And that is priceless. Thank you so much Sam for your kind heart and soul. You are so appreciated. Love, Manal

Adelheid Hörnlein

Sam was my highly appreciated co-leader in several retreats for women at my retreat centre in Italy. She has the unique gift to create and maintain the sacred safe space for participants where their learning and unfolding can happen with amazing ease. She has used her flower meditations for our morning meditation gatherings to create the energy for the day for the present participants, but also for those connected with us online. Furthermore,  Sam would lead thematic sessions, coach and mentor participants with grace, especially when someone experienced crisis. Her wonderfully introverted style of leading, her steady and quiet presence is the fundament on which everybody in her presence can built their experience on.

Cassie Bond, Italy women’s retreat participant

I found Sam’s meditations very helpful in finding safely and breakthroughs in areas of myself that needed to be seen and accepted.

Ritta Pesola, Italy women’s retreat participant

Sam has an extraordinary gift of presence – whether she is there physically, virtually or energetically. Her meditations, as well as her coaching, create a space, a safe container in which there is room, light and love for one’s own inner flowers to grow and blossom.

Karen Heasman, Business Development Manager

I have worked with Sam in a coaching setting and experienced tremendous growth and development as a result of her skill, integrity and commitment to her work.

She enabled me to focus on areas of my life where I wanted to make changes and held the space so that I could move through discomfort and distress to a place of greater self awareness, clarity and confidence.

Her sensitive and person centred approach was impeccable. I recommend her highly.

The coaching experience has been deeply transformative at many levels. I am able to chart a deepening of my own spiritual practice, an expansion of my spiritual community, the broadening of my professional life and the confidence to pursue alternative business opportunities.

My relationships are now much more genuine and I can receive friendship, love and care at a much deeper level. I could not have asked for a more deeply transformative experience.

Lydia Maskell

I wholeheartedly recommend Sam as a coach and companion on the Conscious Uncoupling journey. She is always professional and caring. She was very patient and intuitive in listening to me and sensed when to help me tease out the right words to express something. It was a great encouragement when Sam explained that she was consciously holding me in her thoughts between sessions and she was genuinely excited when I made breakthroughs.

Barbara Butler

I found this (coaching) programme empowering and inspiring.  It was easy to follow and the rewards were great.  I found it uplifting that Sam took as much joy in my discoveries as I did myself.   I have nothing but praise for her coaching abilities.   Each session was made enjoyable and fruitful.   I feel that I have come a long way in a short time and that I am now embarking on an Adventure – the rest of my life!

Julia Fröhlich, Singer/Songwriter, Certified Vocal Coach (SMPV), Certified Transformative Coach

Sam and I coached each other as part of our Feminine Power coaching training and then continued to support each other in the same way from then on. This helped us to add more value and content to what we already learned. We were able to gain more clarity about our unique coaching talents and to evolve our practices into something that is more aligned with our life purposes. Sam’s coaching was beyond helpful so I feel empowered to be fully who I am and know what action to take. I especially liked that she is not only able to hold a safe space for possibilities but also that she sees you very clearly and gives you feedback about the subtle changes in your energy. It’s wonderful to work with her!


After a lifetime of poor relationship choices driven by a deep seated need for affection and sated by comfort eating, I turned to Feminine Power coaching and then the Conscious Uncoupling course and coaching,

I did a lot of work with Sam and began to accept my part in allowing this to happen to me. I understood that all I had been through made me the person I am today. Conscious Uncoupling has given me the tools to navigate my way through a divorce and come out reasonably unscathed and I have even managed to remain friends with my ex husband.

I have since met the most wonderful man who loves me and appreciates me. I am loved and supported and can honestly say that for the first time in my life I like who I am and love myself.

I want to thank Sam and the creators of Feminine Power and Conscious Uncoupling for the wonderful work they do. I am whole possibly for the first time in my life thanks to the tools and support I have received.


Sam is a professional, dedicated and talented Reiki practitioner. Whenever I feel depleted of energy or unwell a Reiki session with her never fails to make me feel better and more purposeful.

The fact that the Reiki session takes place in your own home is brilliant. It enables you to feel better in your own environment which I think makes it even more effective.

I would unequivocally recommend Sam to anyone considering booking a Reiki appointment and would be quite happy to provide a verbal reference if required.


I had a couple of Reiki sessions with Sam for some health issues and general relaxation. Reiki made my body feel warm and relaxed. As I walked home I felt light on my feet and content, which felt great. Sam was attuned to what I needed and I always felt safe. I would recommend Sam to anyone who wants to give Reiki a try.

I have also been trying to learn the art of meditation. Sam’s Flower Meditations are great. Sam has a soft calming voice which is easy to listen to and perfect for the novice. Flower photos are pretty good too!


I wanted to say a big thank you for the Reiki, since you have been sending it I feel calmer.  I am sending a big thank you hug xx

Jess Winchester

Sam had given me some Reiki treatments a few years ago and they were lovely and relaxing but I didn’t have anything to measure it against – I felt physically fit and well beforehand so afterwards I was maybe just a little more chilled out than usual. Before Christmas, however, I did something to my hip (old age catching up with me now I’m pushing 40!) and it was painful all the time – I couldn’t sleep and had to hobble around. I couldn’t go to my usual exercise classes and it was making me really miserable and preventing me from doing my usual activities. So I asked Sam for some distance Reiki – the difference the next day was really noticeable, much more comfortable and it was easier to walk. That night I slept really well. The next day it was my team Christmas lunch and we had a Challenge Anneka event as part of the fun…I was able to run around the city. I may not have said this to Sam before but I always thought that Reiki was a good way for people to relax and to have a bit of ‘me’ time, but my experience now is that it had a tangible effect on my body. I would definitely recommend it.

Petra Tizzard

I thoroughly recommend Sam’s distance reiki as a pain-reduction treatment for severe daily migraines that my daughter suffered from last year enabling her to return to school and continue with her GCSE studies. I also received distance reiki from Sam last year to help with pain management for a rotator cuff shoulder injury thus preventing the need for me to undergo surgery and I remain pain-free a year later. Most recently, Sam has eased severe exam stress for my daughter.


Your meditations are really lovely – the wedding day one made me cry. The space one will be great for work, I will put them on my iPod so I can turn to them whenever I need them. Your voice is so calming; having done four this morning, I am now totally chilled xx

Alexis Blenkarn

I really enjoying these audios. I find that you know just the right amount to speak, the right amount to pause, and use a wonderful turn of phrase to help me sink into the visualisation. These recordings are a real treat and I like that there are different lengths to cater for time available. They were easy to sit down with, to grab a quiet moment in a busy day. I found them very clear and clean to listen to, with a nice balance of voice and ambient music. I am grateful for the opportunity to sample your gorgeous work Sam, and hope you make lots more of it!! Xxxx

Lisa Stockley

Many thanks for the coaching call, which helped me to clarify my next steps and to look at the deeper energies currently at work in my life. Even by telephone, Samantha held a nurturing and gentle space for me. I especially appreciated the reminders so listen to the messages of my body and to take the time to understand those messages. Samantha reminded me of some useful tools for overcoming fears, and I feel empowered now to move forward, confident in my authentic self. Many thanks again, Lisa

Anna Turney

Speaking with Sam gave me clarity on how I feel and where I am and helped me envisage what I’d like to work towards. I now have a plan to move forwards towards that happy place.

Lucinda Button

I felt held and guided and supported. The business and self care steps we created as mind maps during the session, along with Sam’s detailed email notes, really gave me a good springboard for what follows, fab xxx

Marilyn Morris

A social event with Sam was marred by a backache that I had been suffering from for a couple of days. It felt like muscular pain and came over in “waves”. I had to use several cushions to help me sit up straight and felt increasingly frustrated and weakened by the situation. I had my first ever experience of Reiki with Sam. She located the source of the pain and concentrated her efforts on that area. A few hours later I began to feel much better, as the pain gradually subsided. A few weeks have passed and apart from an occasional twinge I have felt free of pain.

Mag. Elisabeth C. Starzer

In my latest coach training (Feminine Power Transformative Coaching), I had a series of coaching hours with Sam – and for me, she is a role model for many coaching superpowers. ‘Holding space’ is just one of these!

Her presence, her deep human experience, her connection with collective wisdom, her groundedness in the Feminine is a living container for the Infinite.

However big my pain of the moment was: she will always reach underneath and around, and stably hold the benign truth behind the surface experience.

Whatever glimpse and taste of greatness and magic came up for me: She held it and invited it, held the infinite space that could contain my fear and my awe, the miracles and the life changing discoveries…

Sam always creates safety and space and has breath for my most breathtaking experiences and insights…

Amanda Tress

‘Thank you Sam for holding that this is the time and inspiring me with confidence to live a bigger life’


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