Spiral Healing

I’m honoured to offer deep spiritual/energy healing sessions to connect with your depth, wisdom healing and light.

Together we will walk the Sacred Spiral energetically. This is a profound and deeply healing experience beyond the constraints of ‘normal life’.

Spiral sessions call upon 24 years of spiritual and energetic enquiry and learning to create a healing and coaching space that’s then led totally by your inner knowing.

Let me be your guide in three 80 minute sessions (in person or online).

Spiral Depth: going within and being present to yourself
Spiral of Life: harvesting the wisdom of your life
Spiral of Now: expanding into your potential

I am with you every step, providing energetic support and encouragement. As an empath, clairsentient and experienced energy worker and transformative coach, I create a safe sacred space. Together we will explore your life, witness and release obstacles and fully explore your potentials while being yourself, fully.

As well as the session, you will receive brief session notes and ‘homework’ to deepen your experience. I also offer free energetic support if requested. Additional sessions can be arranged.
Cost: £80 per session

The meaning of the Spiral:
The spiral has become a powerful symbol for creation and expansion/growth, used by many ancient cultures and religious traditions.
It is one of the oldest symbols used in spiritual practices and reflects growth and evolution.
It can represent the Goddess, womb, fertility and life force energy.
This sacred symbol is reflected in all life.
It reminds us of our growing life – inward and outward and ability to change.
The Celts viewed the spiral as a progressive development journey, growth and expansion towards the centre and light.
They can be used to enhance creativity
Spirals can be singular, double or triple or more!
Attributes can include: Awareness, Balance, Centering, Connection, Development, Expanding, Direction, Initiation, Journeying, Progress
The Spiral encourages us to surrender, let go, release the ‘past’, to embrace our awareness of our uniqueness and oneness with the world and grow, develop and embrace the next step of the journey.

“We do NOT know the past in chronological sequence. It may be convenient to lay it out anesthetized on the table with dates pasted on here and there, but what we know we know by ripples and spirals eddying out from us and from our own time.” ~ Ezra Pound


Eliza: [Sam’s] presence, her deep human experience, her connection with collective wisdom, her groundedness in the Feminine is a living container for the Infinite.
However big my pain of the moment was: she will always reach underneath and around, and stably hold the benign truth behind the surface experience.
Whatever glimpse and taste of greatness and magic came up for me: She held it and invited it, held the infinite space that could contain my fear and my awe, the miracles and the life changing discoveries…
Sam always creates safety and space and has breath for my most breathtaking experiences and insights…

Dawn: This was a rich and powerful experience, a delight to be holding hands with Sam (which calmed me and reassured me and felt profoundly safe and secure).
I have already practiced the “being” again which felt so good and more like a taste of something really delicious and I wanted more! It is really called for right now by my whole being.
I’m was so inspired by Sam’s knowing of the ancient wisdom and the cards showed to me were so beautiful.
I felt confidence in my own intuition and knowing, and greater clarity in my life because of Sam’s healing presence. Where I had been stuck before and in a pattern of fatigue and overweight, Sam was the compassionate and brilliant mirror for me to see the patterns keeping me stuck; and because of her amazing presence and loving encouragement, I quickly envisioned my future wellness and thriving business with great clarity. I felt in flow in the healing and revitalising energy and easily developed an action plan in which I felt great confidence. Where I had been stuck in a rut for years, I quickly felt inspired to move forward. These are some of Sam’s many superpowers, far above and beyond the skills and gifts of other healers I have known.

Amanda Tress: Sam is such a subtle, discrete and practical quantum healer. She holds space with clarity and generosity, brings her own vast intelligence and rich practice to the session but only in service of the client’s insight and benefit. In three Spiral Sessions she has helped me craft a container for deep change and shifts in my way of being in the world at all levels. There is so much to take away and work with. I am intrigued to see how my life unfolds as a result and perhaps in ways I cannot yet imagine. Thank you so much Sam, your work is of such value and I am so grateful to be part of it. If you are ready for heart-opening change  I recommend you book now!