Sam Bio

Feminine Power Coach (2012), Conscious Uncoupling Coach (2012), Endorphin Effect Coach (2002), Reiki Healer/Master (1997) and spiritual/energy enquirer.

Supporting women to step out of their pain into their power, vitality and radiance, to create their joyful life.

As a visionary and intuitive, Sam gently supports sensitive, empathic and committed women to connect deeply to themselves: to let go of the old structures and energies that have been making them feel trapped, overwhelmed, isolated and exhausted. She gently empowers women to find their inner strength, power and beauty, to find their ‘happy place’ and see and create the life they love, their way.

Sam lived with chronic abdominal pain following emergency surgery for nearly 20 years; as she is resistant to drugs, she used energy healing and complementary therapies to ease the daily pain so that she could live a ‘normal’ life. At 32, she called in her soulmate and after years of infertility, she used the Feminine Power teachings, along with Reiki, to have their precious son at nearly 42 years old. Now she is co-creating a holistic lifestyle that supports them all.

Sam is a passionate, non-judgemental stand for women creating the magical life they desire.
+44 7531 769970
North Somerset, U.K.

You can read more about my life story here