Protection and Grounding

I’ve been told so many times over the past 20 years that I need to protect myself. But what does that mean? There’s so many different ways to ‘protect yourself’.
It’s only in the past 4-5 years that I finally feel I’ve got it right for me. It’s a delicate balance, certainly with protection – what do you let in or out of your energy field? Do you use talismans, crystals, colours, conscious imagination/visualisation? I’ve done them all over the years.
For me the turning point came when I started Feminine Power courses and I learnt to ground and centre myself and expanded my energy – I’d been doing them separately before but not all together at the same time. Yet they dance beautifully together – energy expanding in all directions – deep down into the body first, then into the earth and then out to everywhere else. For me this feels whole, safe and fluid.
Firstly centering deep into my body gives me a sense of coming home, being in touch with the deepest part of myself. For me, this is simply breathing into my body and imagining my breath going all the way to my hips and really feeling it there. So each breath comes and goes from my hips.
Next, I imagine my breath going down into my legs and feet, taking a moment to feel the sensation and the heaviness and tingling in my feet as my breath/awareness reaches there. Then I imagine roots growing from my feet, going deep deep down into the earth and connecting to the Earth.
Next, with each breath, I push my energy outwards from my hips and body in all directions, feeling it expand. I like to feel it fill my immediate space, then the room or building and beyond. To connect to Life, I expand it much further so that it incorporates the town, country, Earth, Sky etc being aware of this expansion in every direction – above, below and to the sides. Then I am expanded to include everything and be part of everything.
Likewise my roots deep in the earth can touch other’s roots so that we are connected and in harmony.
From this deep space, I feel connected, protected and have a deep inner knowing awareness.
Like with all things, this becomes much easier and quicker with practice.

You might like to try the Grounding and Expansion meditations that accompany this blog 😉