I thought I’d send out a small newsletter as winter solstice is nearly here. This is the time of year to go inward, slow down, cherish time with loved ones and celebrate and harvest the year. 

It’s time to enjoy those beautiful crisp winter days and find as much sunshine as possible.

I wrote a poem about this time of year the other day – Dreamtime.

If it’s a snuggle at home day, I totally recommend Abominable which is beautiful and magical. As soon as it finished at the cinema, my son said he wanted it on DVD. Looks like it’s out before Christmas. Not just for children, it’s a cartoon that has everything – family and friendship, love, adventure, being disconnected from your family and reconnected, the amazing Chinese scenery and magic too. Beautiful.

My book recommendation is Wild Feminine by Tami Lynn Kent. I’ve been savouring this for months and did a book club course to support my deep dive into it. It’s made such a difference to me – allowing me to discover my space within. It’s all womb/pelvic bowl based and I’ve done lots on that area before but not like this. Totally recommend it. 

Here’s the promotion bit! I’ve got two great coaching offers on at the moment. For those who want to review the year and set intentions and actions for next year in a feminine way – there’s my Set Yourself up for Success 90 min coaching session. This is at a very special £49 for a limited time.

I’m also delighted to offer the amazing Feminine Power Essential Course for the Awakening Woman along with coaching. This is the first Feminine Power course which changed my life! That was 10 years ago and it’s been made richer every time and is a fantastic resource to support one to one coaching. 

Please feel free to share this email with friends who might be interested. 

Many festive blessings and may your new year be filled with love and joy

Sam xx