Meditations for Sale

My powerful meditations, drawing upon over 20 years of meditation and healing experience, are now available to buy as MP4 files.

Please look at the images and descriptions to see which one calls to you. They are available to buy from myself at £5 each or three for £10 by paypal. Simply send me an email letting me know which meditation(s) you would like and I will give you access to the file(s) online within 36 hours.

I will also send you a Getting Started to Meditation information sheet. All meditations are 5-10 minutes long – designed to easily fit into your day.

You can view my Letting Go meditation here to get a feel for my style.

Be – a beautiful meditation to let go of fears and worries and become present to you in this moment


Getting In Touch – focus your intention on the core of you and see what inner messages or feelings you have


Possibilities – gently expand your energy with this meditation and hear the possibilities of your life


Beginnings – notice the feelings and sensations in your body and be energised by this vibrant meditation


Freedom – let this meditation lift your soul and notice where you want to go. Enjoy being free.


Strength – feel yourself energised by this vibrant orange flower



Emotions – use this stunning orange meditation to go deeper into your emotions and fill yourself with orange light


Joy – paint your life in colours and fill your body and energy with joy. Gently replace any darker/heavier areas in your life with joy


Hope – use the subtle pink energy of this rose to fill yourself with love and hope and send it to others in your life


Connections – use this beautiful blue flower to think about the connections in your life and to encourage more into your life


Lifeforce – go deeper into your own energy life-force, feel the rhythm of your life, feel your body’s own rhythm. Give thanks for your amazing lifeforce


Path – this powerful meditation takes you on a path to yourself



Peace – breathe peace into your body and leave your worries and anxieties behind you. Reach a higher viewpoint where you can gain clarity and find solutions


Parachute – feel your energy expanding and protecting you like a parachute; feel the calmness this brings


Protection – imagine your energy like the flower – some parts open, some closed – you have control and in this meditation you can see clearly what should be open and what should be closed


Light – breathe in Light and fill your whole body with it, feeling it cleansing and rejuvenating you


Direction – use this powerful meditation when you want direction in your life



Appreciation – fill your body with appreciation and love in this delicate meditation


Tranquility – a peaceful meditation for deep relaxation and self-appreciation



Expansion – use the delicate pink of the rose as a guide to breathe pink light into your body, filling yourself with love. At the same time expand your energy outwards to fill the space around you


Cycle of Life – release tension with each out breath and inhale peace – a beautiful cycle of life breathing meditation


Community – take up your place to shine and thrive with this powerful community meditation



Grounding – imagine growing roots down through your feet and into the earth and connecting with all of nature. Perfect for those feeling ‘ungrounded’ or thinking too much


Unfolding – breathe in unlimited potential  and thrive and shine. Perfect for those wanting to take a big step but feeling fearful