Reiki & Seichem Healing

Reiki means ‘Universal Life Energy’ and is the name given to the healing system created by Japanese scholar and Buddhist, Dr Mikao Usui in the late 19th century.

It is the energy which flows through all living things including ourselves in our field of energy often called our aura. When the flow of this vital energy is disrupted, it causes diminished function in one or more organs and tissues, leading to ‘dis-ease’ of the body.
Reiki enables us to tap into an unlimited supply of this energy, allowing us to activate our body’s innate ability to heal itself, restoring balance and harmony. Reiki can also be used on plants and animals.

Seichem (pronounced say-keem) works in the same way as Reiki, with hands placed on the body or in the area above the body. It is reputedly one of the healing arts practised in ancient Egypt. Reiki is one of the four elemental rays which make up Seichem – earth (Reiki), water, air and fire.

Seichem (including Reiki)  connects and heals in the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. The energy is used to heal and stimulate personal development and growth. Spellings of the word differ but it always means power in a spiritual sense.

Reiki is both powerful and gentle. It can be used on people of any age and state of health and alongside most forms of medication, helping to enhance the positive benefits, reducing negative side effects and speeding up the healing process.
A session lasts about an hour and you should ensure that you have time to rest afterwards. You will sit or lie, fully clothed, to receive the session. The healing process continues for three days so you will need to drink plenty of water to aid the detoxification process.

Sessions in the comfort of your own home (North Somerset only).
Sessions, lasting an hour plus time to chat: £40
Block of 4 sessions: £140

Distant Healing
I’m delighted to offer intense distant healing. If you don’t have the time for a session or live too far away, you can still receive the benefits of a full session in a shorter space of time (usually 20-30 mins).  At a pre-agreed time you will rest while I send you Reiki and Seichem. Alternatively I can send it early in the morning for your day ahead.
First session: free
Further sessions: £20 for an intense session. For chronic conditions, I recommend 4 distant sessions in the first week or two, followed by less frequent sessions.

You can prepay for sessions here

I  am honoured to offer small classes in the comfort of your North Somerset or Bristol home. Why not invite family and friends and learn Reiki/Seichem together? Please contact me for further information.

Reiki is my great love. It’s transformed my life in the past 20 years. You can read more about Reiki here.


Sam is a professional, dedicated and talented Reiki practitioner. Whenever I feel depleted of energy or unwell a Reiki session with her never fails to make me feel better and more purposeful.
The fact that the Reiki session takes place in your own home is brilliant. It enables you to feel better in your own environment which I think makes it even more effective.
I would unequivocally recommend Sam to anyone considering booking a Reiki appointment and would be quite happy to provide a verbal reference if required.

I wanted to say a big thank you for the Reiki, since you have been sending it I feel calmer.  I am sending a big thank you hug xx

Jess Winchester
Sam had given me some Reiki treatments a few years ago and they were lovely and relaxing but I didn’t have anything to measure it against – I felt physically fit and well beforehand so afterwards I was maybe just a little more chilled out than usual. Before Christmas, however, I did something to my hip (old age catching up with me now I’m pushing 40!) and it was painful all the time – I couldn’t sleep and had to hobble around. I couldn’t go to my usual exercise classes and it was making me really miserable and preventing me from doing my usual activities. So I asked Sam for some distance Reiki – the difference the next day was really noticeable, much more comfortable and it was easier to walk. That night I slept really well. The next day it was my team Christmas lunch and we had a Challenge Anneka event as part of the fun…I was able to run around the city. I may not have said this to Sam before but I always thought that Reiki was a good way for people to relax and to have a bit of ‘me’ time, but my experience now is that it had a tangible effect on my body. I would definitely recommend it.

Petra Tizzard
I thoroughly recommend Sam’s distance reiki as a pain-reduction treatment for severe daily migraines that my daughter suffered from last year enabling her to return to school and continue with her GCSE studies. I also received distance reiki from Sam last year to help with pain management for a rotator cuff shoulder injury thus preventing the need for me to undergo surgery and I remain pain-free a year later. Most recently, Sam has eased severe exam stress for my daughter.

Marilyn Morris
A social event with Sam was marred by a backache that I had been suffering from for a couple of days. It felt like muscular pain and came over in “waves”. I had to use several cushions to help me sit up straight and felt increasingly frustrated and weakened by the situation. I had my first ever experience of Reiki with Sam. She located the source of the pain and concentrated her efforts on that area. A few hours later I began to feel much better, as the pain gradually subsided. A few weeks have passed and apart from an occasional twinge I have felt free of pain.

I had a couple of Reiki sessions with Sam for some health issues and general relaxation. Reiki made my body feel warm and relaxed. As I walked home I felt light on my feet and content, which felt great. Sam was attuned to what I needed and I always felt safe. I would recommend Sam to anyone who wants to give Reiki a try.
I have also been trying to learn the art of meditation. Sam’s Flower Meditations are great. Sam has a soft calming voice which is easy to listen to and perfect for the novice. Flower photos are pretty good too!


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