From PAIN to POWER: A 9 session coaching programme

A deep 9 session coaching programme to harvest the wisdom of your pain, create clear actions to step out of your pain and into your Power.

These sessions are tailored specifically for you but also have a clear structure each time to create the most traction for your transformation from pain to power.

Sessions can be weekly, fortnightly, 3-weekly or monthly.

During our sessions, we will unlock the three Feminine Power Powerbases and cover the Feminine Power principals and practices. We will also draw upon all my expertise from my lived experience and other trainings.


Your investment:

*9 one-hour-long coaching sessions (in person if local, online or telephone)

*Committing to completing ‘homework’ and daily short exercises

*Gifting yourself the time and space for reflection

*Holding a space for your own development and, if necessary, giving yourself quiet time away from ‘the world’ and letting others know your need for solitude.

*Letting me know if you feel overwhelmed or need additional support

*The programme costs £585 or £70 per session


My Investment:

*I am with you every step of the way as your support and accountability partner

*I hold the space with you and breathe into it

*I will provide you with relevant ‘homework’ and meditations, exercises to aid your energy and power towards your intention and life change

*I encourage weekly email check ins from you and will provide email support with suggestions and additional exercises/reflection questions/meditations to support the space you are in

*I will happily provide distant Reiki throughout our coaching partnership if wanted

*I will send you highlights of our session and your next steps by email within 48 hours. Please feel free to take your own notes so long as it doesn’t distract from going deep in the session.

See my Pain to Power blogs for more information