Finding our Power

Right now it can feel daunting and scary in these uncertain times. We’re being asked and told what to do for our benefit and for the whole community and world.
Within this new framework of our lives it could be easy to be completely out of touch with ourselves, to ignore our emotions and feelings. In fact it could feel too overwhelming to even acknowledge them.
So what can we do to regain our equilibrium and power?
I thought it might be helpful to put together some simple things to bring us home to ourselves and our power. Pick and choose which ones call to you!
  • Spend time in nature – even if that’s just opening the window or sitting next to a houseplant or walking around your garden. Listen to the birdsong in the morning. If you can, go barefoot on the grass to ground your energy. If that’s not possible, imagine doing so, you can use this meditation to help.
  • Eat clean – of course this can feel challenging with limited access to food right now. Start with what you’ve got. Simplify the number of foods on your plate – make them whole foods such as fruit, veg, whole grains. Bless your food – just a simple ‘thank you’ from your heart changes your appreciation for all that you do have. Savour every mouthful.
  • Bless your body – you’re here – trillions of cells are working together every single moment to keep you alive. How incredible is that? Yet how often do we say ‘thank you, I love you’ to ourselves?
  • Gratitude for all that we have – a family, even if we’re currently separated by distance, a home, simple food, warmth/shelter, access to so much – books, films, games etc. Our lives are so so rich.
  • Gratitude for reflection time. This is a worldwide full stop. In this short time Earth has started to deeply cleanse. So let’s take the opportunity to do the same – to reflect on all that’s in our lives, all that we want and need and all that we can begin to let go of. Maybe it’s time to think about future working systems, creations you’re desperate to make, what are your desires in this moment? What are some really simple actions you can plan or take? One step at a time.
  • Breathe! My clients and I often laugh about this as it really is the most powerful thing you can do. Breathe! Slowly, deeply throughout your body. Imaging your breath going all the way through you to your feet and out into the ground. Just a minute can make a huge difference to mood and outlook. From this space, you’ll have far greater ‘knowing’ or intuition.
  • Follow your joy! What makes your heart sing? How can you do it? Singing, painting, writing, being creative – whatever it is try to bring it into your life now. Be creative if it’s not easily done right now – love theatre? Find the online live shows being broadcast right now. Life is still continuing – the medium might just have changed a little.
  • Cleanse! This is our chance to clear any stagnant energy at home. Tackle your garage or shed! Clear your draws! Use up the foods that have been hidden at the back of the cupboard – create new masterpieces! Find those vitamins or supplements in the cupboard and use them! Dig out your old paints and express yourself on paper! Sing, dance while you sort the house. Express yourself!
  • Community – how can you support your community in this time? Check-in with your neighbours: offer shopping, a telephone call or to do their front garden etc. Plan a party for when social distancing is a fading memory.
  • Say ‘thank you’ as often as you can! Let your online food providers or supermarket/shop staff know how incredibly grateful you are, let loved ones know how you appreciate them.
  • Be kind. Support fellow shoppers, offer smiles to all you meet, tell friends you love them. Do all that you can to help others feel special, seen, appreciated.
This list could go and on! Add your own. Share them with me – I’d love to hear how you’re using this fullstop time.
There is so much we can do for ourselves, our planet and ourselves in this time. Let’s use this time to see the good that is happening in the world, our community and family – the daily kindnesses that are now somehow more precious. Let’s celebrate all that we do have.
Equally, let’s use this time to see the changes, on all levels, that support ourselves, our communities and our world.
We’ve got this 💖
My offerings:
  • If you feel you need listening support in this uncertain time, please reach out. I’m happy to offer 15 minute online calls to be present to you.
  • Please do check out my website blogs for simple, short meditations and uplifting power blogs with simple practices to reclaim your power.
  • I also offer online coaching and distant healing if needed.