Feminine Power Coaching

My life has been totally transformed by this work. I started Feminine Power in 2010 and set an intention to transform my life and have a child even though that felt impossible given my age, stressful job, chronic pain and infertility. Within two years, I’d quit the job, taken the advanced Feminine courses, retrained as a Feminine Power Coach in LA and was pregnant! Our son is so precious and it’s my joy and honour to share this work with others.

The revolutionary Feminine Power approach I’ve been trained in, is a research-based approach that is most effective for conscious, creative, gifted women who are stepping into their power and potential. It will support you especially if you desire to:

• Become the most authentic version of yourself
• Access your gifts, higher purpose and calling
• Ignite your confidence and feel assured in your ability to create the resources you need to flourish
• Create thriving relationships that mirror your value
• Attract the love and partnership you desire and deserve
• Experience a rich, rewarding personal life filled with intimacy and connection
• Become more spiritually connected and attuned to your own inner compass
• Find your greatness and deepen your intuition
• Expand your prosperity while expressing your creativity
• Empower others in your family, your community and the world at large

I am delighted to offer a free 60 minute ‘Unlock Your Feminine Power to Manifest Your Vision one to one coaching session, where you’ll discover how to:
1 Set a powerful intention to transform your life
2 Identify the #1 inner barrier to success in the area you want to manifest in
3 Unlock your intuition and harness the support of Life for what you’re creating
4 Create the path to attracting support and partnership from others to manifest your vision
5 Gain clarity about ongoing support you might need to succeed

I only have a limited number of slots available (on telephone or online) so please contact me if this calls to you.

Here’s some comments from clients:
*’Sam has taught me to love myself, be myself and live life for myself, in my own way. We are all more powerful then we think and we can have influence on situations that feel out of control.’ Victoria
*’Sam offers the opportunity to do deep, soulful, clarifying work in a safe, supportive space.’ Alexis
*’Thank you Sam for holding that this is the time and inspiring me with confidence to live a bigger life.’ Amanda
* ‘Since working with Sam… I feel so much serenity and wellness in my body… I am experiencing the joy of life!’ Dawn
* ‘I processed through emotions and things that were decades old that were absolutely sabotaging my life in the present.’ Manal
* ‘Sam has an extraordinary gift of presence – whether she is there physically, virtually or energetically. Her meditations, as well as her coaching, create a space, a safe container in which there is room, light and love for one’s inner flowers to grow and blossom’ Ritta
*’My relationships are now much more genuine and I can receive friendship, love and care at a much deeper level. I could not have asked for a more deeply transformative experience’ Karen
*’I feel I have come a long way in a short space of time and that I am now embarking on an adventure – the rest of my life!’ Barbara
* ‘I am whole possibly for the first time in my life thanks to the tools and support I have received’ Jo
* ‘I felt held and guided and supported. The business and self care steps we created as mindmaps during the session, along with Sam’s detailed email notes, really gave me a good springboard for what follows’ Lucinda

I offer several coaching programmes which are totally adaptable to your needs. All come with highlight notes, downloadable meditations and suggested practices.

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