The light is fading on another day.

As the longest night draws ever nearer, the sun ignores the mid afternoon clock and sinks beneath the horizon. Deep shades of orange light the sky and then become muted across the landscape.

The heat that warmed my body and soul disappears with the last of the vibrant light.

The darkness whispers and then begins to shout as it takes over. Still the clock says afternoon but all around screams night-time.

The light of the moon fills the sky, bringing an eerie sense of calm and tranquility. There’s a hush in the air, a pause. Time to reflect and wonder and rest.

The clock still says it’s time to be ‘doing’ but my soul listens to the night and says ‘sleep’. I yearn for the darkness, the chance to snuggle under blankets and slip into dream-time while awake. To explore, to dream, to connect to the wisdom within.

I dream of magic, of love, of feeling connected to the world. Of loved ones and how much they mean to me.

I bask in this vast space of awake-dream-time where time and space collide and cease. This is love, this is magic, this is home.