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Conscious Uncoupling: A 5-Week Programme to Release the Trauma of a Breakup, Reclaim Your Power & Reinvent Your Life

As your certified Conscious Uncoupling coach, trained personally by creator and best-selling relationship author Katherine Woodward Thomas MA, MFT, I will guide you through this uniquely powerful programme, supporting you in healing breakup grief and stepping into your highest vision of yourself and your life.

With my transformative coaching, you will receive the personal guidance needed to transform this time of heartache, disappointment, shame and embarrassment into a healing, liberating and eventually, even a joyful experience.

Together, we will work through Katherine Woodward Thomas’ amazing book Conscious Uncoupling: The 5 Steps to Living Happily Even After.

We will have one initial coaching session where we’ll form a “Power Partnership” and create a powerful vision of what you most desire to manifest in this area of your life in a way that opens up immediate access to power and possibility. Then we will dive into the Conscious Uncoupling programme:

  • Session 1: Finding Emotional Freedom: Through the 3 keys to healing heartbreak, you will learn how to transform your difficult emotions into an extraordinary catalyst for your evolution and liberation.
  • Session 2: Reclaiming Your Power & Your Life: Reconnect with your power, and begin to embody your most radiant self…not in spite of your breakup, but through deep healing of your breakup.
  • Session 3: Breaking The Pattern, Healing Your Heart: Learn the 5-step process that will forever free you from old painful patterns in love…and weave a delicious new narrative that lights you up and leads you forward with power and possibility for healthy, happy love.
  • Session 4: Becoming A Love Alchemist: Implement the keys to consciously and respectfully completing your relationship, liberating yourself from resentments and ‘baggage’, and learn to generate high magic that will create peace between yourself and your former partner, no matter how bad it’s been.
  • Session 5: Creating Your Happily Even After Life: Engage a magical ritual that will empower you, your former partner and all involved to move forward toward loving completion, opening the floodgates of possibility to attract healthy, happy new love and generate a rich, rewarding future.

Coaching supports the process and enables us to explore any issues which arise in a clear and sacred space. This is very much a partnership so that you can grow and develop while being held supportively. Sessions last an hour and are usually a week or more apart – this is totally adaptable to your needs.

Please read the attached flyer and brochure for further information.

If this calls to you, please contact me on 07531 769970 or samrockcooper to arrange an initial free session to help you gain clarity on your highest vision and what’s stopping you and to check we are a fit for a coaching partnership.

Your investment:
*Six one-hour-long coaching sessions
*Committing to completing ‘homework’ and daily short exercises
*Gifting yourself the time and space for reflection
*Holding a space for your own development and, if necessary, giving yourself quiet time away from ‘the world’ and letting others know your need for solitude.
*Letting me know if you feel overwhelmed or need additional support
*The programme costs £390 or £70 per session

My Investment:
*I am with you every step of the way as your support and accountability partner
*I hold the space with you and breathe into it
*I will provide you with relevant ‘homework’ and meditations, exercises to aid your energy and power towards your intention and life change
*I encourage weekly email check ins from you and will provide email support with suggestions and additional exercises/reflection questions/meditations to support the space you are in
*I will happily provide distant Reiki throughout our coaching partnership if wanted
*I will send you highlights of our session and your next steps by email within 48 hours. Please feel free to take your own notes so long as it doesn’t distract from going deep in the session.


Manal Khalife
I was looking for a way to help me transition out of my old relationship, after being married for 12 years, and moving forward into my new life as a single mom. A ton of insecurities showed up, telling me I’m not good enough, no one will want me, I’m not pretty enough, I’m going to self sabotage etc. And I was very very emotional and afraid of the consequences of that type of thinking. I knew, rationally, none of it was true, but I was feeling it on a deeper emotional level and even feeling physical symptoms of this imbalance. I chose to work with Samantha, because she is SO unbelievably caring, and sweet and a gentle soul. I knew I needed to work through this gently because of how violent and traumatic it felt on a deep level. I knew she’d be able to guide me and facilitate the healing for me.
We worked through very old traumas that I didn’t even realize were there. Deep stuff that, in my YEARS of doing healing work, had not come to the surface. Perhaps it didn’t ever feel safe until I worked with Sam. I am SO grateful to her. The biggest thing I got was that I processed through emotions and things that were decades old that were absolutely sabotaging my life in the present, making me feel weak and needy and off balance.
Samantha is an absolutely amazing coach and facilitator in the healing process. She helped me reach depths I didn’t know existed, and as a healer myself, that is SO valuable to me and I’ll never forget her support and gentle guidance through this process of Conscious Uncoupling. That same day we completed the process, my ex sent me some positive texts and I know that my kids and myself and my former spouse are in a better place to create a positive and whole family, despite the fact my former spouse and I are no longer together. And that is priceless. Thank you so much Sam for your kind heart and soul. You are so appreciated. Love, Manal

Lydia Maskell
I wholeheartedly recommend Sam as a coach and companion on the Conscious Uncoupling journey. She is always professional and caring. She was very patient and intuitive in listening to me and sensed when to help me tease out the right words to express something. It was a great encouragement when Sam explained that she was consciously holding me in her thoughts between sessions and she was genuinely excited when I made breakthroughs.

After a lifetime of poor relationship choices driven by a deep seated need for affection and sated by comfort eating, I turned to Feminine Power coaching and then the Conscious Uncoupling course and coaching,
I did a lot of work with Sam and began to accept my part in allowing this to happen to me. I understood that all I had been through made me the person I am today. Conscious Uncoupling has given me the tools to navigate my way through a divorce and come out reasonably unscathed and I have even managed to remain friends with my ex husband.
I have since met the most wonderful man who loves me and appreciates me. I am loved and supported and can honestly say that for the first time in my life I like who I am and love myself.
I want to thank Sam and the creators of Feminine Power and Conscious Uncoupling for the wonderful work they do. I am whole possibly for the first time in my life thanks to the tools and support I have received.

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