Coaching Programmes

I’m delighted to offer several coaching programmes which are all adaptable to your needs. Please get in touch if you want something different – let’s have fun and create whatever you need.

From PAIN to POWER: A 9 session coaching programme

A deep 9 session coaching programme to harvest the wisdom of your pain, create clear actions to step out of your pain and into your Power.

Manifest Your Vision: A 9 session coaching programme

A powerful 9 session coaching programme where you’ll be guided to set a powerful intention and manifest your vision with the acclaimed Feminine Power Transformational coaching model. Sessions can be weekly, fortnightly, 3-weekly or monthly.

Feminine Power Coaching and Online Course

A 9 session coaching programme along with the Feminine Power Essential Course for the Awakening Woman (valued at $397 which is included). Each week you will listen to the online course and then have a coaching session with me.

Set Yourself Free: Access the energy and power to change your life

Three laser coaching sessions to transform your life. Access your own limitless energy, wisdom and power. Set a powerful intention to change your life and have clear steps and practices to achieve it.

Set Yourself up for Success

90 minute laser coaching session to harvest the wisdom of the past year and step into the new year

Single 60 minute laser coaching sessions

Get to the heart of the matter, transform the stuck energy and use it to create powerful inspired steps to your freedom, creativity, radiance and joy.

Joyful Food, Joyful Life

A powerful three or six month coaching programme designed specifically by and for you to meet your intention and needs. This is a deep dive into your relationship with food and yourself. Discover what food really means in your life and how to claim your power and embrace your life joyfully. It’s all about the food and it isn’t!

Deep Dive – 2 hour – in nature coaching session

Harness the power of nature by having a coaching session at the seaside or in the woods. This extended 2 hour session is great to kick start your transformation.

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