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The light is fading on another day.

As the longest night draws ever nearer, the sun ignores the mid afternoon clock and sinks beneath the horizon. Deep shades of orange light the sky and then become muted across the landscape.

The heat that warmed my body and soul disappears with the last of the vibrant light.

The darkness whispers and then begins to shout as it takes over. Still the clock says afternoon but all around screams night-time.

The light of the moon fills the sky, bringing an eerie sense of calm and tranquility. There’s a hush in the air, a pause. Time to reflect and wonder and rest.

The clock still says it’s time to be ‘doing’ but my soul listens to the night and says ‘sleep’. I yearn for the darkness, the chance to snuggle under blankets and slip into dream-time while awake. To explore, to dream, to connect to the wisdom within.

I dream of magic, of love, of feeling connected to the world. Of loved ones and how much they mean to me.

I bask in this vast space of awake-dream-time where time and space collide and cease. This is love, this is magic, this is home.

Let go!

My 6 year old was my biggest teacher recently. We were in the deep end of the swimming pool and he encouraged me to stop swimming. It was a struggle to let go. Yet when I did, I floated! How apt for life!

Sometimes, it’s so easy to be caught up in the must dos and how tos that it’s easy to forget to breathe and float for a moment. No matter what’s going on in life, those precious moments when you stop can be pivotal and vital.

So I invite you to stop just for a moment and breathe. Breathe out tension, release stress and breathe in vitality and peace. In this moment, everything is ok.

You may wish to try my Space meditation

A little bit about coaching..

Supporting sensitive women to unlock their power, reveal their radiance and create the joy-filled life they love

Are you fed up with striving for a better life? Do you long to know ‘the answers’ but can’t find them? Are you over-extended, exhausted and pushing yourself ‘to thrive’. Do you long for peace, serenity, joy, laughter and happiness?

What if your beautiful precious life is ‘enough’, what if you could listen to yourself, your desires, your longings and honour them?

Sometimes the scariest thing we can do is stop. Breathe. Start again.

We’ve all been there – feeling trapped in the life we have and unsure how to change it. But what if it’s simple? As simple as breathing?

I support women like you (and me) to connect deeply to themselves. To let go of the old structures of life that have been making us feel trapped. As sensitive women, we’re hyper sensitive to our lives and our loved ones and even strangers. We can ‘read’ the energy around us but it’s easy to become overwhelmed and unfocused and to lose ourselves in it.

Let me guide you gently to yourself so that you can find your ‘happy place’ and see and create the life you love, your way.

Experience and access the three Feminine Power centres that unlock all of your power to be yourself, fully. As you master these, you can be yourself, see and release the blocks in your life and create your deepest desires. You can connect to the energies of life and others and engage with them, listening and creating from your power.

It’s from this space, you can change your life, whether it’s simply by being yourself or changing the structures: perhaps you want to change job or create a whole new work structure, to support yourself and your family holistically, to be the joyful relaxed mum you know you can be, to call in your true love, friends and work collaborators, to engage with your health from your deepest knowing and body wisdom, to connect to your spirituality, to call in abundance, possibility and wonder. Create magic* in your life!

The Truth is that we are immensely powerful 

Let me guide you through Feminine Power Coaching to your power, creativity, radiance and joy. Or, you may want support as a relationship ends: Conscious Uncoupling Coaching can help you to navigate the changes in your life and discover yourself and create a new love story.

If this calls to you, please contact me on 07531 769970 or samrockcooper to arrange an initial free session to help you gain clarity on your desires and what’s stopping you and to check we are a fit for a coaching partnership.

Please read some of the testimonials I have received from clients.

*Dictionary definition of Magic: BRITISH informal
wonderful; exciting. “it was a great time, magic”
synonyms: fascinating, captivating, charming, glamorous, magical, enchanting, entrancing, spellbinding, magnetic, irresistible, hypnotic “a magic place”A little bi

Grounding and Alignment

In the past 12 hours I’ve had two powerful but very different sessions and both have been about grounding and being in alignment. One was a Feminine Power coaching session in person and another an online healing session. 

Grounding is often a buzz word but what does it really mean? I’ve shared before about grounding but today I’d like to talk about practical application – what I actually do.

Studies show how important it is to ‘ground’ – connect our skin to the earth – it reduces inflammation (by 60-70%*) and helps us to heal. So how do we do that? For me, I simply walk barefoot in our garden. It’s something I do regularly as we don’t wear shoes in the house so anytime I’m outside around the house, I’m barefoot.   Likewise, the other day I went to Stanton Drew stone circle which is nearby and stood barefoot in the centre of the stone circle. I love to walk on sand and paddle barefoot in the sea.

We also have a grounding sheet on our bed that’s connected to the house’s earthing system via a plug. I can feel when it’s on as my feet tingle.

My morning alignment practice is to connect in with my body before I get out of bed – I breathe deeply and do a ‘scan’ of my energy and imagine connecting to the earth. This is my way of ensuring my system is in alignment. Once it is, I set my intentions for the day and send Reiki. I might also give myself healing in this space. 

Water – I drink litres throughout the day. Vital for vitality!

Food – I’m curious about whether I’m using food to ground my energy. When I feel scattered and overwhelmed I reach for crisps as my comfort food. How interesting as they grow deep in the earth! When I’m eating organic natural foods I feel so much better – alive, vital and enthusiastic with spare energy. My morning practice for the past few weeks has been to have a quarter of a watermelon when I wake. It revitalises me immediately and sets me up for the day. 

I also wear barefoot shoes – while I can’t connect to the earth through their rubber soles, I am enabling my brain to receive the messages transmitted by my feet about the ground I’m walking on. This enables my body to constantly adjust to the surface and remain in alignment. 

This is just a short blog for now but this is something I’m really passionate about. I’m curious about our disconnect with the earth and our bodies and the daily impact that has on us. 

This week I invite you to touch the earth – soil, grass, sand, rock etc. Even if only for a few minutes. How does that feel? 

Be curious how my suggestion makes you feel… enthused, apprehensive, afraid? Isn’t that interesting! 

Be conscious of the foods you’re eating and how they make you feel.

Drink water!

Gift yourself quiet time to connect to your body and see how you feel.

Try it for a week and see how you feel ….I’d love to hear how you get on x

* Have a look at this 15 minute video for more information:

We all need support

One of the Feminine Power teachings is ‘we can’t become ourselves by ourselves’ and that’s so true. Yes it can feel vulnerable to reach out for support but we really can’t do everything alone.

My old story/belief was I am Alone – I feel in control then but I also feel isolated and powerless. It’s a static point with no traction to move. Being supported has been a stretch for me – it takes me out of my comfort zone and I feel exposed and vulnerable or I feel that I have to reciprocate immediately (usually by making lots of cake!) But I know that that’s where the magic is – it’s where there’s energy and power. After 8 years in the Feminine Power community, I’m comfortable with seeking support and I so appreciate it.

For years I’ve struggled with naming ‘what I do’ in terms of coaching and healing. It can seem so airy-fairy when in reality it’s grounded and makes very definite changes quickly.  A few days ago, I had a wonderful session with a dear friend and Feminine Power Coach who helped me polish my new coaching bio. Now it feels more ‘me’ and I feel it expresses what happens in coaching sessions. And that’s the gift of creating a space together – energy and ideas flow and in a very short space of time big shifts can be accomplished.

This week I invite you to see where you’re receiving support and where you’re not. Be curious if you’re not reaching out to others – why is that? (asked lovingly) – is there a false belief? Do you feel you lack the skills to ask for support? What kind of support do you need?

Shifting to another place be curious about the support you offer to others. Really appreciate how you do that and the value that has for others.


I’m grateful for lack of … which reconnects me to what’s important in my life. Where resources are tight (time, energy, money) what really matters to me? What meets my values and energises me?

I’ve been curious these past few weeks about where I’ve been in ‘lack’ and how it’s impacting my life: lack of… energy, time, money, self-worth – all biggies. But and it’s a big but – simply being aware of it changes it. It’s no longer hidden in plain sight but witnessed with love. I’ve talked before about Stepping out of Pain and into Power and it’s the same with these false beliefs/old stories – being aware of them, witnessing them and being curious starts the change and begins releasing them.

For a while now I’ve been witnessing my perceived lack of energy. I had various stories running that one – I’m old! I have a four year old. I don’t get the sleep or rest time I need….. and then I looked at what was really happening and saw that: I could eat more nourishing foods, I could try herbal supplements to boost my system, I could try sleeping longer instead of rushing to do things at night or from early morning. I saw that I was actually doing a lot! And I was also ‘being’ a lot too – holding people in my energy system, extending love to them is something I love to ‘do’ but being curious about it opens it up for further investigation and enquiry. At times when my energy is lower, perhaps I could be careful around all energy extension. And part of my overall enquiry is that I’m female and my hormonal cycle has different energy levels throughout. Witnessing those gives me clarity on times to do and be.

There are certain things I love which replenish me so I’ve been increasing those too. I’ve started taking our son swimming – before I felt lack because I didn’t get to swim unless I invited my Dad along and even then I was always conscious of them and how my son was. Now I’m loving teaching him to swim, playing being a shark or a crocodile and simply enjoying his joy at learning to swim. I still come out with that gentle buzz from swimming even though I’ve not done 30+ lengths.

I’m really noticing too how lack of energy is the main driver for me around eating. I eat to boost my energy so that I can keep going. And that’s not ‘wrong’ it’s just how it is. Part of that is noticing it, then deciding to eat (and what). There’s a disconnect from myself in this and every lack situation. If I breathe into it I realise how I long for peace and probably sleep. If that’s not possible as it’s in the afternoon etc I can choose gentle activities with my son to give myself space. Likewise I can use gentle herbs to restore my vitality and lots of water too.

Food is a big ‘story’ in my life. It’s not something I can ignore as I need/want to eat every day! For example we are passionate about organic clean food so that makes up probably 80% of our diet – organic fruit, veg, pulses, some grains. We support our health with herbs and vitamins etc. Yet I’m noticing that I’m still drawn to simple carbs like fresh bread and butter. I’m in deep enquiry as I’ve shared before in Joyful Food, Joyful Life – I am turning lack into abundance. I am being present with myself as I eat (most of the time). I am listening and choosing the foods I want. I’ve been so lucky to be part of a fantastic Radiant Living programme by which has really given me simple and effective tools and practices to support myself. It’s work in progress but I am noticing that my underlying lethargy has reduced greatly. I feel stronger and have more energy – I’m just using it up too!

It fascinates me that I have such a huge story around lack of money and that that’s the area I feel most powerless. With energy and time I can be practical and breathe into them and gain clarity, understanding and create new stories. With money this has felt a lot less clear. And part of that I feel is because we’re creating a new way of being. We’re creating a holistic lifestyle that supports the three of us. In some ways it’s traditional with my husband working while I’m at home with our son. And yet, being self-employed means Steve has lots of time with our son as he’s home early. Likewise, I have time in the evenings or when our son is with his grandparents for reiki or coaching. It, too, is work in progress as we create the structure that supports us.

Part of my story around money is not being wasteful. We love a charity shop or freegle find – knowing that something is preloved is a benefit. It’s not a sign of ‘lack’ to us but rather something to be treasured. Our son loves charity shop toys, games and books. I’m an avid reader so stock up on books and I love a bag bargain! Likewise we love to recycle our items. We really think about buying new – what’s the cost – financially, to the Earth, do we need it?

I invite you to be curious about your own lack stories. Hold them tenderly and see where they’ve come from – perhaps you have a family story? Perhaps an event in your life triggered something?
What’s the cost to your life in having this story?
Be curious how your life would be with a new story?
What’s your first step towards that new story?
What step can you take today?

Joyful Food, Joyful Life – self discovery

Since the beginning of March, I’ve been exploring a new way to live and eat. It’s an ongoing discovery, without shame and judgements as I explore what’s right for me.
I am so blessed to have robust health and a strong body. And yet as I’m now mid-40s it’s definitely ‘time’ to create optimum health and wellness.
There’s been several pivotal steps along the way so far. The first was a strong inclination to detox. We eat vegetarian, mostly organic food with high vegetable content, minimal wheat etc. And yet there were other foods and eating habits that I knew weren’t supporting my health. So I’ve increased natural ‘live’ foods, added in breakfast smoothies and generally have smaller portions.
At the same time, I created an online Joyful Food group with some Feminine Power sisters. We meet weekly and support each other – this is not a diet group – we’re diving into our beliefs and habits around food as well as exploring our lives as a whole. That support has been crucial to me – firstly as women sharing together and also as the self-appointed leader/facilitator, it’s lovingly forced me to show up and reflect each week.

Here’s some of my ‘findings and enquiries’ around food, health and being ourselves:

* What’s the truth about who we are?
* Be curious about your personal food story, letting it go and creating a new story filled with joy and freedom
* We are Sacred. Our bodies are sacred. From this viewpoint, gratitude flows and we naturally choose the foods that support us
* We celebrate ourselves and our precious life
* We must first connect to ourselves and then choose what to eat. Checking in to see what foods and how much and when
* Noticing where we’re judging ourselves or shaming ourselves for who we are and what we eat. Noticing the societal/cultural influences here especially around the ‘perfect’ body. Letting it go.
* What does ‘diet’ mean to us?
* Being aware of our natural cycles and our food/nutritional needs throughout the month as well as the need to rest.
* Noticing our basic survival needs around food – is that triggering us to overeat? Being curious about how to meet that need. For example I know I have low blood sugar so it nurtures me to know that I have good foods in my bag to eat should my blood sugar drop. Incidentally, as I’ve changed the foods in my diet, my blood sugar has remained stable.
* Connecting with our food – taking time to choose foods which call to us in a wholesome way. Taking time to prepare it lovingly, arrange the plate. Sit and eat slowly in silence, savouring each mouth full.
* Being curious (without judgement) if we don’t feel we have the time to prepare and eat food slowly… what’s stopping us?
* Only eat when physically hungry!
* Is food replacing a need within us? For example I was substituting food for fun! Being aware that we can be using food to ‘fix’ a hunger for something else… are we using food to give us a chemical ‘high’, to ‘fix’ tiredness, to comfort us when we feel drained by others or to give us comfort and a warm feeling?
* What are the real desires beneath the food?
* Are we using food as a ‘rule’ in life to keep us small, contained? What happens if we break the rules and barriers? For me there was a fear here that I’d overeat even more but actually the opposite is true – food is a joy to be savoured and there’s no charge around it anymore.
* What happens if we choose to take up all the space we need in life? Being curious – am I using a big body to take up space? Do I need a big body? For me this is the realisation that I can claim this space without a big body.
* Taking time and getting support for the emotions that food has been suppressing. Being in enquiry with this led me to creating the food group and seeking coaching to support myself as well as being present to myself
* What’s your pain? What are you trying to bury with food?
* I love Geneen Roth’s ‘Women, Food and God’ – in it she says spiritual hunger will never be solved on the physical level, love yourself with food: ‘your body is yours and you can eat as a way to be yourself’
* How can we truly be ourselves? Do we value ourselves for simply being ourselves rather than for what we can ‘do’. Sadly, most of the time this is NO and we have lots of false beliefs that cause great pain.
* Are we connected to ourselves and the Earth? How does being connected influence our food choices? Do we then naturally want to eat ‘alive’ natural foods?
* How can we step into joy for all of our life? So that food is an expression of that and a celebration? Celebration of food, of life, of ourselves – a new way of being.

For me, this food enquiry is about food and it isn’t! It’s about who we’re being as a person in the world. The foods we eat are a reflection of our inner landscape, our values and belief systems and all the things we’re suppressing too.
Have I got this totally sussed? No not yet. But I feel so much better in myself – I’m in alignment – the food choices I make are personal to me – they’re not from a book telling me what to eat, how to exercise etc although I research nutrition a lot. This is a lived experience… every day I connect with myself, I listen to what my body wants and I use food as a doorway to my desires and thoughts. I try to sit down quietly with my food and be present while I eat and I’ve had some deep insights on issues in my life which aren’t food related. By releasing the pressure of food and ‘ideal’ weight, I’m allowing my energy to fully flow and for other things to emerge.

On an outward level, I’ve lost 9kg easily. I’m choosing to exercise a lot more. My skin is glowing. On an inner level, I’m ‘me’ and that’s being reflected by the people I meet and coach. They can feel my energy and the space I hold. And I know that sounds like hippie talk but the truth is we’re energetic beings, we have an electromagnetic field. I’m sure that the high energy living foods I’m eating are adding to the energy I already have as a healer/coach and as ‘Sam’.

At the core of it all is who we are as sacred beings. That we each have the right and need to claim our space in the world and to be ourselves fully, in all our Radiance. By being ourselves, we support others to truly be themselves, to shine and be radiant too. Food is a gateway to this and I’m honoured that I can use this for my own self discovery and to support others with theirs. Because we’re in this together. It’s so not about the food, it’s about the JOY of being yourself, which is why I call it Joyful Food, Joyful Life. It’s a beautiful circle with our true selves.

So let’s start a revolution to discover ourselves, our desires, our passions and our potential. Let’s live that Joyful Life one mouthful at a time!

Please see my Joyful Food, Joyful Life coaching programme for information on one to one support

Time and Priorities

The other day I mentioned that I read 1 or 2 books a week and was told that I ‘have too much time on my hands’. This got me thinking about time and priorities. I hadn’t stipulated whether they were fiction or non-fiction books but that’s not relevant. I know for my own health that I need downtime reading. Usually I alternate fiction with non-fiction self-development or health books. I’m reading David Hamilton’s latest at the moment on Kindness which is really interesting.
Likewise, I can take up to an hour preparing our family evening meal – last night that was lentil and veg cottage pie with peas. I enjoy cooking most of the time and I want us to eat healthy food that’s made with love and for me that’s cooking from scratch. Equally my breakfast smoothie, pancakes or homemade rice pudding take moments to make and I have frozen dhal or split pea soups if I don’t fancy salad etc for lunch. I’m a very organised person so it’s easy for me to think ahead and have foods to hand especially as I’m doing an almost vegan detox at the moment so food is high on my priorities.
Obviously our son takes up a huge chunk of my time 24/7 but it’s lovely to snuggle reading together and cooking together.
We have a dedicated ‘family day’ for walks in the woods, paddles in streams or the beach.
The other big thing in my life is healing and coaching. As I’m doing the Feminine Power coaching training again as an evergreen student, there’s hours of calls to listen to plus vibrant exploratory practice groups each week. This feeds my soul and connects me to others having the same experience and really gives me a sense of community and growth. Likewise books inform my knowledge in the areas I’m most interested – natural health and wellness and healing. While natural food also feeds my soul and expands my Reiki as I’m a purer channel for it.

Think about your ‘time’ and what is vitally important to you and how it nurtures you…. do you have enough time? Do you need more?
Notice if there are time wasters that you could reduce or eliminate from your life?
Be curious about your beliefs about both – what are your ‘shoulds’ and your ‘should-nots’?

Protection and Grounding

I’ve been told so many times over the past 20 years that I need to protect myself. But what does that mean? There’s so many different ways to ‘protect yourself’.
It’s only in the past 4-5 years that I finally feel I’ve got it right for me. It’s a delicate balance, certainly with protection – what do you let in or out of your energy field? Do you use talismans, crystals, colours, conscious imagination/visualisation? I’ve done them all over the years.
For me the turning point came when I started Feminine Power courses and I learnt to ground and centre myself and expanded my energy – I’d been doing them separately before but not all together at the same time. Yet they dance beautifully together – energy expanding in all directions – deep down into the body first, then into the earth and then out to everywhere else. For me this feels whole, safe and fluid.
Firstly centering deep into my body gives me a sense of coming home, being in touch with the deepest part of myself. For me, this is simply breathing into my body and imagining my breath going all the way to my hips and really feeling it there. So each breath comes and goes from my hips.
Next, I imagine my breath going down into my legs and feet, taking a moment to feel the sensation and the heaviness and tingling in my feet as my breath/awareness reaches there. Then I imagine roots growing from my feet, going deep deep down into the earth and connecting to the Earth.
Next, with each breath, I push my energy outwards from my hips and body in all directions, feeling it expand. I like to feel it fill my immediate space, then the room or building and beyond. To connect to Life, I expand it much further so that it incorporates the town, country, Earth, Sky etc being aware of this expansion in every direction – above, below and to the sides. Then I am expanded to include everything and be part of everything.
Likewise my roots deep in the earth can touch other’s roots so that we are connected and in harmony.
From this deep space, I feel connected, protected and have a deep inner knowing awareness.
Like with all things, this becomes much easier and quicker with practice.

You might like to try the Grounding and Expansion meditations that accompany this blog 😉