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Creating Space

This year my focus is on space – space to do the things I love, space to rest, to exercise, to cook, to play! I’ve set a powerful intention to have a lot of freedom in my life this year to do all the things I love.

My focus this month is clearing the house – we’ve been going since 28th Dec and the house feels so much better – there’s space in the cupboards, on the floor! This physical space is giving me clarity of mind to focus on 2019 and be curious about how I want the year to be. I joined a new women’s circle and found it a real blessing to have time and space with other women as we set our intentions for the year. I also run a women’s online development group every week and my sacred sisters mean so much to me. I’m blessed to be part of some amazing communities and friendships.

Obviously family and friends are pivotal to everything. My boys are everything to me. I’m so lucky that we have (deliberately created) lots of family time and adventures 💖

I’m really curious about my health – I’m so lucky to have an amazingly strong body which keeps going. This year I’m softening to that and being curious about the best exercise for me especially as menopause creeps closer! 

My other focus is ‘work’ – I’m part of a fantastic team raising Dementia awareness in Bristol – an illness that’s close to my heart as I’ve been touched by it several times through family and friends. I so appreciate the friendship, opportunities and ‘stretching’ this part-time position gives me. 

I’m so honoured that I get to ‘be me’ and call upon 25 years of energy healing and spiritual enquiry to be a transformative coach for sensitive women who are seeking to c next deeply to themselves, their power, radiance and joy. This year I want to expand as I see the difference this makes and I want to support more women to reclaim themselves and their lives. This is my calling and joy – I’m not only there for regular coaching sessions – I welcome regular check-ins and offer ongoing energetic support. I’m a very present stand for the women I support 💗

Sending love and blessings xxx

If you haven’t set intentions yet, I invite you to be curious about 2019 – what do you want and what do you yearn for? Are they the same things? Listen – to your head, heart and gut – are they in alignment? 

Play! I invite you to take a few moments to feel into 2019 and really feel how you’d like your year to be. Maybe think about your family, friends, fun activities, things you love to do, your work, relationships, health… what are your deepest desires….. 

And notice if there’s a gap? Breathe into it…. be curious about it – what do you need? Additional resources, time? Energy? Support (from?)….

Have fun and come back to this regularly to see if you’re still on course. 

Give Yourself Permission

My quiet reflection time is early morning before my son wakes. The other morning I started journaling and immediately started writing ‘I give myself permission…’ I wrote several statements straight away. They felt powerful and freeing. Phew I could let go of the old beliefs and step into the new, energised possibilities. 

And one lacked juice and that gave me the nudge to go deeper – to look at my perceptions and beliefs around that and unpick why I had a problem with it. I love how something so simple is both simple, powerful and insightful. 

This week, I invite you to play with this… gift yourself the time and space to journal with this… simply start writing ‘I give myself permission to …’ and see what comes up.

Love and Blessings

Sam xx 

Being Present with Love

I had a client recently whose health is challenging and there’s was a great sense of ‘it’s not fair’ and that’s so true.

And we can make up all these stories – it’s the way energy works – starts in the aura and works it’s way in if not cleared. As a healer, I’ve heard that a million times but is it true? Or is it a story we tell ourselves to make us feel better? It’s not personal.

Maybe it’s just how it is in this moment? Again soothing but not actually helpful.

So what’s the new story we can create? How can we make this have traction and energy?

My first instinct is to sit with it, be present, name it and love it. I didn’t say it was easy!

Recently my skin has been so painful – I’ve had a sunrash for most of my life and it’s bad this year – red, raw, itching. I feel miserable putting on sunscreen every day and covering up and still itching every night. The other night it was particularly bad and nothing soothed it, so I sat with it and lovingly stroked my arms saying ‘I love you’ and yes that sounds like the hippy healer I am. But within minutes all itching had stopped. And in that space of peace, I was able to see my next step – getting a homeopathic cream. Two days later the cream has arrived and my skin has healed amazingly in 24 hours. And I know I could take the traditional route of finding out why I have this and healing it with support. But for now, I need a quick solution so I can get on with my life. Because the fact is we actually don’t have the time in our crazy busy lives to come to a full stop or expanded space of enquiry very often. So let’s give ourselves precious moments to be present with ourselves to find the solutions we need.

Let’s change those old stories and create new ones. Let’s utilise the amazing resources we all have in our lives. But let’s also take time to love ourselves unconditionally- that’s when the true magic happens.

This week, today, I invite you to stop, even if it’s just 5 minutes and be present to yourself. Express (however feels right) love and care and gratitude to your body. Witness whatever is present in your life from this kind, compassionate space. And listen for possible actions. Most importantly, savour just being with yourself – be your own best friend, healer, coach etc.

We all need support

One of the Feminine Power teachings is ‘we can’t become ourselves by ourselves’ and that’s so true. Yes it can feel vulnerable to reach out for support but we really can’t do everything alone.

My old story/belief was I am Alone – I feel in control then but I also feel isolated and powerless. It’s a static point with no traction to move. Being supported has been a stretch for me – it takes me out of my comfort zone and I feel exposed and vulnerable or I feel that I have to reciprocate immediately (usually by making lots of cake!) But I know that that’s where the magic is – it’s where there’s energy and power. After 8 years in the Feminine Power community, I’m comfortable with seeking support and I so appreciate it.

For years I’ve struggled with naming ‘what I do’ in terms of coaching and healing. It can seem so airy-fairy when in reality it’s grounded and makes very definite changes quickly.  A few days ago, I had a wonderful session with a dear friend and Feminine Power Coach who helped me polish my new coaching bio. Now it feels more ‘me’ and I feel it expresses what happens in coaching sessions. And that’s the gift of creating a space together – energy and ideas flow and in a very short space of time big shifts can be accomplished.

This week I invite you to see where you’re receiving support and where you’re not. Be curious if you’re not reaching out to others – why is that? (asked lovingly) – is there a false belief? Do you feel you lack the skills to ask for support? What kind of support do you need?

Shifting to another place be curious about the support you offer to others. Really appreciate how you do that and the value that has for others.

Being Yourself

In my coaching introduction I speak a lot about being yourself fully, standing in your truth and power.
As I reflect on this week I can clearly see how I’ve done that and as I unpick it, I can see the different steps that allowed me to be myself and feel in my power.
We’ve had a challenging week and ended up in a situation with ‘experts’ where in past experiences, I’ve given away my power and accepted others’ truth over my own. This time was so different.

Firstly, this was around something I’ve researched for years and I felt comfortable with my decision. And I felt other than stating my decision, I did not need to engage in conversation around it. This was completely respected by the experts I talked to and not pushed.

Which brings me to boundaries – I was clear where mine were – in my mind and body. I felt in complete alignment with myself.

Energetic preparation
Before going into the situation, I sat with it, got clear on what I wanted to happen (best possible outcome) and sent Reiki to it all.

From there everything flowed – from getting immediate appointments, being seen on time and arriving at a car park just as someone was leaving and being given their ticket for the exact amount of time needed (with 3 minutes to spare!)

Being Clear
No is a complete sentence! I used this several times with a clear voice, energy and intention. In the past I might have wavered or tried to justify my no – not this time!

Engaging with others
I was clear on my position but also open to listening and asked engaging questions that started with ‘I’m curious…’ which allowed energy to flow and showed that I wasn’t fixed. I was respectful at all times while maintaining my boundaries.

I received great reflections from others that I had obviously done my research.

This situation could have been so different and I’m so incredibly grateful for all the training and support I’ve received over the years that have led me to this strong and powerful knowing and to be flexible enough to listen and receive too.
Plus I reached out to friends and family to check in.

This week I invite you to reflect on who you are and what’s your truth?
Where is your power and are there areas where you give away your power?
Be curious!

Being Curious

We had a trip to the dentist last week and it’s bought up so much for me on many levels. I can see that I was mostly feeling powerless in the situation. Despite sending Reiki , I wasn’t grounded in myself and felt unprepared.
I was told I have a tiny bit of decay around the edge of a childhood fissue seal that’s over 30 years old and advised to have it filled. I said I wanted six months to try healing it myself.

Giving myself Time
Twenty-five years ago I was a dental nurse so I’m aware that some dentists like to fill while others watch. As someone who studies natural health, I’m very aware there are things I can do to support my body. And in that moment at the dentists, I felt very vulnerable. I left stating my wishes for time very quietly (though firmly). I took a stand for myself. But I’m also aware that I easily slid into invisibility as a way of protecting myself.

And I’m curious – can I heal this? Should I just have it filled? But if so, what are the options and what is the impact of that? I’d certainly never put amalgam in my body but I don’t have much information on the other options and the price implications too. I have a tiny white filling in a tooth that was watched for years before I agreed to it being filled. And I’m curious how I feel a failure that I have that one filling already. The dental nurse in me knows too that once filled a tooth is weakened.

So I’ve been researching options and started with coconut oil pulling which is swishing oil around my mouth for 20 mins a day to detox and kill bacterial. I know it’s working because I felt sick after the first couple of times!
My son and I have made our own remineralising toothpaste to give my tooth the best chance to heal. Thankfully he likes it too as it’s a good healthy toothpaste for him to use too.
I’ve started taking vitamin D again as it’s been shown in studies to be an important factor in tooth health.
I’m also adjusting my diet to more tooth friendly foods (less grains, nuts etc)
Added to this, I’m sending Reiki and telling my body it can heal (gently with love).
I’m reminding myself of all the things I have healed – the auto-immune rash lichen planus I had in my mouth after my grandfather died that gradually went without any pain (and amazed dentists as it was bad and ‘should have hurt’), the lichen planus that occurred on my wrist in the months before I quit my job, the years of chronic pain and infertility from scar adhesions and so on. Our bodies are amazing things with great capacities to heal if we support them (and many times they’ll heal even if we don’t).

Claiming my Power
I’ve been really supporting my body these past few months to restore and reach a strong base and this is all part of that. I’m giving myself time. I’m not saying I won’t have a filling but I will try to heal naturally first and review when I feel the time is right. It’s my body and I know her, I know some of her capabilities and I’ll listen to that.
Which brings me to celebration – for my body but also for this opportunity to explore and practice even greater self care and awareness.
Part of that self care too is the external – what do I want from a dentist? The answer for me is someone who will partner with me, listen to me, challenge me? (Maybe!) someone who comes from a love-base not a fear base. My power, as it’s always been, is that I can ask for and find that. I’m not a tooth to be filled, I’m a living organism of trillions of cells working in harmony.
Taking this wider too, I’m deeply curious about where my body is in healing, breakdown as it can be viewed is most probably breakthrough as I’ve been really supporting myself for months. I don’t know when this decay occurred. For all I know it could have been nearly a year ago and has halted. Which brings me back to curiosity. I simply don’t know and it doesn’t matter. What matters is how I approach this in my power, following my intuition and being open to the information and resources around me. This is an opportunity to play with my briefs, to witness them and notice where I lose or gain my power. But most of all it’s a chance to stand in love for myself and this enquiry and for my tooth and whole body. Without blame or shame, I stand in curiosity and wonder about the future. No matter what the outcome if I’m in my power and listening and attentive to myself I’m in the space of growth.

This week I invite you to be curious about the things that are showing up in your life.
Listen to yourself deeply.
Give yourself time.
What meaning are you making? Is it really true?
Where is your power?
Where does your energy flow?
What resources do you have or need?

Stepping out of PAIN and into POWER (pt 2)

Today I want to talk more about Stepping out of Pain and into Power.

The dictionary definition of pain as a verb is ‘cause mental or physical pain to’ . To that I’d include emotional and spiritual pain. I want to stress just how ‘painful’ pain is so I’ve created an acronym to highlight different sections of my lived experience of it. Of course everyone is different and this is just one option but it might be fun to play with different definitions to create your own PAIN. By having a different perspective you are choosing to see it clearly and to stand in a different place in relation to your pain. What opens up then?

My (current) definition of PAIN:

Powerless – that feeling of having no control, being powerless in the face of …. physical, mental, emotional or spiritual pain. Of feeling trapped, that there’s no way out, no hope, no future. Just more of the same.

Alone – no one else can understand your experience. They can have empathy and compassion but they are not you living this experience. It’s completely isolating. There’s a sense of disconnect from everything – loved ones, yourself and life too. It’s very hard to even find hope that things could be different.

Invisible – no one sees the real you – the ‘you’ that’s free to do whatever you want, without constraint. The you that longs to move, to dance, to be joyful and radiant. Or you may feel that you need to be invisible to survive – that it’s ‘best’ if others don’t see you, that you have nothing to offer etc. You may be invisible to your own feelings and needs. It’s so painful to be here.

Not – loved, enough, wanted, important. Just say those to yourself – do any resonate? How do they make you feel?

No matter what your pain, you are probably hurting on many levels. Studies show that physical pain impacts our emotions and increases anxiety and social isolation which will impact our emotional state.

My own experience of physical pain was that I ‘shut down’ my feelings as a safety mechanism to survive. At the time, I felt I needed to conserve all my energy to just exist. Going to university or work was all I could handle. Relationships were strained as I felt no one understood what it was like to be in constant pain and the sheer energy it took to move and function every single day. I didn’t plan ahead, I simply existed. And I disconnected from my body too – choosing to ignore the pain (as much as possible) which in turn isolated me even from myself and my joy. In those years, I was my pain.

There’s so much to pain and it will be unique to each individual but wherever you are with pain, it’s rarely a powerful place to be standing.

So what if we choose to stand in a different place? What happens if we choose and, are supported, to claim and stand in our power? What if we choose to not be our pain?

There’s so many elements and practices we can ‘do and be’ to be in our power. Here’s some simple ideas and practices to support you to claim your power, your way:

Possibility – what’s really possible in your life? What makes you feel that spark of life? What lights you up and makes you excited? If nothing could stop you, what do you most desire for your life? Think big!

Obstacles – what’s really in your way? Are they real tangible obstacles? How can you work with them? Such as skills needed for a new job, resources needed? A clear healthy food or supplement plan? Support through an emotional or physical trauma? Learning pain management skills?
Or are there hidden thoughts and feelings which are blocking you? Breathe into what’s stopping you and…

Witness – be curious and without judgement as you get clear on what’s actually present in your life. Are there false beliefs which are stopping you? Maybe you feel you’re not good enough or you’re too much? That you’re alone and trapped in your isolation and pain, that you’re invisible or powerless? These beliefs feel so real it’s hard to even witness them as false beliefs as they can be so insidious and pervasive in our life.

Energise – make a start – where you do feel energy? tap into it, use it to revitalise yourself. Where do you feel passion, desire, the energy flow in your life? Start there! If you can’t sense any energy in your life go back to possibility and play – imagine the life you could create if you had unlimited energy, support and resources … imagine you’re a small child with no sense of ‘impossible’ ….

Radiance – step into your power – use the energised feeling and expand it. Breathe into it and imagine expanding that energy throughout your whole body. Imagine walking through your day feeling this power and energy. You feel lit up from within, curious about others and the possibilities of your life. Shine and be Radiant. Even if you only feel one tiny spark – expand it a hundredfold and just imagine how it would feel to be fully Radiant in your life. And keep on expanding. Feel the joy and aliveness that comes with being yourself fully. If you can imagine it you can be it.

Is this easy? Yes! It will probably take lots of conscious practice, like strengthening a muscle – the more you do it, the more it becomes a habit and the stronger it gets. You may need support be that from family and friends or a coach etc.

Thomas Edison famously said: Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration

I’d like to add that the ‘journey’ or perspiration can be fun though! Take the time to connect to yourself and your inspiration before you start the journey so that you are clear where you are going.

As you claim your power, who will you be and what can you achieve in your precious life?

If this calls to you or you are simply curious about my ‘work’ please get in touch. I’m delighted to offer free 60 minute discovery sessions to connect to yourself, identify your pain and have clarity on how coaching can support you to achieve your wellness, radiance and joy.

Claiming your POWER

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure” Marianne Williamson

I can feel the truth in that. And it’s a shout-out for all those times when we’re feeling low and disempowered and not good enough or invisible to stop. To take a breath and choose to be powerful instead.

As a coach, one of the first things I ‘do’ after creating and holding a safe space with my client, is to really see, hear and feel their power and reflect that back to them.

Let me repeat that line again: Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.

As we breath into that truth, our whole world shifts and the false beliefs become visible and loosen their hold a little. Once we can see what’s holding us back, we have the choice to be different, to make another choice, to choose to be powerful, enough, visible etc. Of course there will be hiccups along the way, there may well be major breakdowns (really breakthroughs) as we dismantle the old truths and habits that have formed the structure of our life. But we will be claiming our power and be expanded, rather than contracted to life and possibility.

When we make a different choice, we choose to grow. That doesn’t always mean it’s easy – remember growing as a child? There can be pain in growth from growing teeth, limbs growing bigger etc. It’s a stretch but a necessary one. Like a flower growing, we need to stretch in all directions – our roots planting us in the ground and our forward growth towards the sky and everything in between.

So I invite you, this week, this moment, to imagine you are immensely powerful and your focus has just been ‘a little off’ but you’re now correcting that. You can see/feel where you are going, even if you don’t know how to get there. Imagine standing in your power, breathing power into your body and imagine how your day is from this space: how are you showing up in the world? With friends and loved ones? How are you being in the world? How does your energy feel? Imagine expanding even more knowing that from this place of power and energy you have a limitless supply. Now what’s possible? What can you create in your precious life?

Can you feel your energy and power flowing? Can you feel possibility and life opening up?
This is transformational coaching – a space where all is seen and possibility and potential flows. This is you, your truth, your power.

I’m delighted to offer free discovery coaching sessions for those wanting to experience coaching and explore how it can help you to totally change your life.

Stepping out of Pain and into Power

What does pain mean to you? What does physical, emotional, mental or spiritual pain mean to you?

Did you know that:

*women have twice as many pain receptors as men and are more likely to suffer from chronic pain
*Studies show there’s a link between chronic pain, depression, anxiety and social isolation
*Studies show that spiritual activities influence general life happiness and satisfaction for those in chronic pain

*Imagine feeling pain-free or greatly reducing your pain
*Imagine feeling connected to your body and joyfully alive
*Imagine having the confidence and resources to take control of your life and create the life you want

I am honoured to offer support to women looking to step out of their pain, whatever that may be. To connect to themselves fully, reduce or stop their pain, feel well and live their lives radiantly and joyfully.

I’ve turned pain into PAIN

Use where you are right now as your start point to a vibrant, radiant and joyful life.

I’ve shared my story a number of times on my website but I’ll share briefly here from the pain perspective:
I had surgery for a rupturing ovarian cyst when I was 23. I had deep trauma from the surgery and clearly remember shaking so much that I had to held down as I came out of the anaesthetic. I felt I was being ripped in half as nurses pulled me upright hours later. That’s when I found out that drugs, including morphine don’t work for me. But I am physically strong so I buried my pain and made myself get up and move around so I could get out of hospital. That really was my experience for many years. My whole abdomen is full of scar tissue (adhesions) from that surgery and they don’t stretch so every movement ripped them. For years, I couldn’t stand up straight so I held on to walls to walk. I had a disabled badge at university so I could continue my course. I got support after uni so that I could work. And I learnt my limitations while pushing them. Alongside the physical pain was the emotional and mental pain as I forced my body to move through the pain. I felt trapped in myself. I felt so alone and my lived experience was that no one understood what it was like being me. I withdraw from life a lot. I questioned ‘why am I here?’ and had what I’d now term a spiritual pain and crisis as I felt disconnected from myself, others and life.
I’m so thankful to my parents who insisted I have ‘something’ and paid for me to have hypnotherapy and reflexology. Those opened the world of complementary therapies and self empowerment to me and led me to Reiki which is my great love. Reiki is a spiritual energy system that includes healing on every level.

Ironically, by the time I was referred to a pain clinic, they told me I could teach them from my learning.

And yet there was still a gap. An unnamed pain as well as the daily chronic pain. My husband Steve has propelled me forward in so many ways as he’s my rock and greatest advocate: seven years ago he insisted I take the Feminine Power 7 week online course. It totally transformed my life. Not only with its amazing content and deep principles and practices but because it comes with a community, something I was severely lacking. One of the teachings is: we can’t become ourselves by ourselves. That’s so true. And that’s why I’m a stand for women, wanting to emerge from their pain into their power, into their aliveness and radiance so that they can have a joyful life, no matter what the circumstances.

If this calls to you or you are simply curious about my ‘work’ please get in touch. I’m delighted to offer free 60 minute discovery sessions to connect to yourself, identify your pain and have clarity on how to achieve your wellness, radiance and joy.

Read Stepping out of Pain and into Power (part 2) 

Birth Day

Our son was four recently. We had such a lovely family birthday marking this milestone but also our own as his parents. How we’ve grown and changed in these years and how strong our alignment in how we raise our son and where we’re going on our parenting path.
It was also a time of reflection: on that day four years ago when we birthed our son very much together. It wasn’t the beautiful natural experience we wanted. It was filled with pain and anxiety and feeling that we were being pushed by the medical professionals. Yet through that we were together, parents already. Steve massaged my back for 36 hours. He never left my side. He calmed me through the pain that I can’t take medicine for. He held me as I had an epidural and was later rushed to theatre. He held my hand as I was prepped for a caesarean, while I begged doctors not to as I would put down more adhesions that had caused nearly 20 years of chronic pain. He was there with me as our son was helped into the world with forceps and struggled to breathe. We were together as our son was placed in his fathers arms minutes later and declared healthy. I can’t describe the relief after being told he’d need to go to a special ward. The joy was amazing but the trauma was present for a very long time.
I’m so thankful for the support we received those 36 hours but equally I’m aware of how I felt powerless and ‘trapped in the system’. I had glimmers of power as I managed the pain through self-help techniques and drawing upon Steve’s strength. But at the end of the day, I felt forced into the operating room despite my protests. That hurt. A lot. For a long time.
Well wishers said ‘but you have a beautiful child’ but that didn’t stop the shaking, tears, anger and the fear that rose through my body every time I remembered his birth. I gave myself lots and lots of Reiki. I used the Feminine Power practices to ground myself, to listen to myself, to respect my feelings. And I opened myself up to the possibility that I could heal even though it felt impossible.
Then life beautifully gifted me the opportunity of an EFT session with an amazing woman who supports women through their birth trauma. That 90 minute call was filled with laughter and caring as we processed through the experience. I can’t thank Manal enough for that gift and the subsequent sessions we’ve shared on different topics.
Just writing this triggers me slightly as I remember our ‘birth day’ but it gives me energy now – I know I can get through anything, that I have the resources and power to do so. Equally, I can see where I’m giving away my power in my life and choose not to. This can be done softly and respectfully. This is where Feminine Power coaching really supports me – to soften, listen to my intuition/deeper knowing and trust in possibility – it’s an active trust though – choosing to believe there’s always possibility and options if I take a moment to breathe and listen with all my senses.
I am so grateful for our son who enriches our lives immeasurably. Equally I’m so grateful for the life and experiences I’ve had.

Standing in a place of possibility

As mum to a three year old, my world has been very inward facing – pretty much all about him with a tiny bit of ‘other’ on the periphery. That’s felt fine to a large extent – I/we made that choice knowing that for the first six years a child’s brain is laying down the love/connect pathways. We want him to be a loved, self-confident boy and man.
Now as his four birthday approaches in the winter, I find myself standing in a place of possibility about my/our family future. I say I find myself but in large part it’s due to the feminine power retraining I’m taking at the moment as I’m totally immersed in it. I’ve been doing Feminine Power for over six years now and the work has moved on and deepened considerably. I love this work so much and it’s given me so much. I’ve shared before about daring to dream about having a child when it seemed impossible and setting that intention with my husband.
So now as I breathe down into my hips, my legs and into the earth, I extend my energy outwards too – into that space of possibility… trusting that opportunities, connections, resources will come to me. I am open to inspiration, creativity, connection… I let it flow through me and be me…
I witness what comes with love, respect, gratitude and I open and widen some more. As more and more comes, I widen even more especially if I feel overwhelmed. It’s in these moments that instinct can be to contract, make ourselves small but by widening the space, I can hold all of it. So I breathe and go deeper and deeper.
Out of this space comes the Power Statement: I am here to thrive and shine. I can feel it in my body – a deep sense of grounding and knowing that resonates through my body. I feel at peace and present.
From this space, I feel creative and alive, I feel the pull to ‘do’ certain things – for me now it’s to write, to share, to be myself.
It feels organic, alive and vibrant to be in this space of possibility. There’s a trusting too .. being willing to let things unfold in their own time, following the impulse and enjoying the unknowing. This is feminine power – being present to ourselves, listening, witnessing and gratefully receiving inspiration, creativity and joy.