About Sam

I am a transformational coach and healer who is dedicated to empowering women through physical, emotional or spiritual pain. I am passionate about creating a sacred space for deep inner listening where energy, power, resources and creativity flourishes.

I empower women to listen to their bodies, hear their own wisdom and voice, creativity and life purpose and create a space for themselves where they have the power, confidence and energy to change their health, wellness and whole life.

I have a wealth of experience as a healer who creates powerful meditations to shift consciousness and aid deep healing. I am a certified Feminine Power coach, which is a proven programme that helps women reach their highest potentials by connecting deeply to their own power. As a Conscious Uncoupling coach I support those in emotional pain from a relationship to clear the blocks so that they can call in their new true love. I am an Endorphin Effect coach, which is a powerful method to create feel-good hormones throughout the body and energy system. As a Thought Pattern Management practitioner, I am very aware of how the mind often takes over and how it can be used instead for health and wellness. I have been a Reiki Healer/Teacher for over 20 years.

I hold the space where power, energy, confidence and the connection to self and others exists to create equal and flourishing relationships. In this space women can access the power to overcome obstacles and manifest health and wellness, loving partnerships, friendships or a thriving business. I support women to find their own unique path, discover and feel their full potential and create a holistic environment that supports their transformation.

I currently lead an online Joyful Food, Joyful Life women’s circle and co-lead an online women’s leadership circle. I have co-lead several empowerment retreats in Italy as well as many Reiki workshops over the years. I mostly work one on one with all women: mothers, business owners, creatives, coaches, healers, therapists and others who want to deeply listen to themselves, connect to their spirituality, overcome painful barriers, transform health conditions or stop feeling isolated or stuck so that they can live a joyful, radiant life. I am a passionate stand for creating a holistic family that supports everyone to thrive and achieve their full potential.

Briefly, my story starts in my early 20s when emergency surgery caused a chronic pain condition which led to mobility issues, depression, despair and a deep sense of isolation. I immediately discovered that I react badly to modern medicine and couldn’t take painkillers, not even morphine. So began my healing journey initially for pain control. I am so lucky to have discovered healing and am trained in many healing modalities although Reiki is my true love. I have a work background in charity fundraising/administration in complementary cancer care, meningitis, physical disability and learning disabilities which gives me a good overview of health issues. After years of heartache and being alone, I decided to clear my energy and open myself up to love – within months I met my soulmate. The Feminine Power work literally transformed my life on all levels: from the very first online course I became aware of my desire to have a child – something that felt impossible given my pain from abdominal scar tissue, being overweight and nearly 40. Yet my husband and I decided to ‘hold the dream’ and asked others to hold it too as we focused on natural health and wellness. Part of that journey was to acknowledge how depressed I was at work and I found the courage to leave my 10 year desk job and flew to LA the next day to train as a Feminine Power Coach. Seven months later at 41 years old, after years of infertility and hoping, I was pregnant. I sailed through the pregnancy but suffered post traumatic stress after an assisted birth and used the Feminine Power practices to aid my recovery, along with additional support. Since our son’s birth in 2013, the previous chronic pain is an occasional (and loud) reminder for self-care.

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This image of me was drawn by Alexis Blenkam after a coaching session. Here’s what she said about it: Here is an imperfect portrait of you and the energy I feel from you. The portrait doesn’t capture the exact shape and softness of your features, the sparkle in your eyes, or the strength in your shoulders. I see and feel your connection to the earth and the charmed web of life so clearly. I see your enormous capacity for love, in the honouring of people around you and extending all that love in a circle back to your self. You sit with your feelings, your curiosity, and your zest for creating a beautiful space. You are teaching others to do the same and holding them so they can inhabit their bodies, their world, their imagination, their power. I see you and I thank you.

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