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Yesterday, I led a walking coaching session at the beach. It was so powerful to reflect on the past year and decade – harvest the great things and not so great and plan for the future 18 months and decade. Being in nature added so much to the experience – physically grounding on the pebbly beach, throwing things away (stones in the sea). Feeling the sunlight immediately after that release as the sun burst through the clouds!

It got me thinking about my past decade. What a time it’s been.

Ten years ago I was still in my long term job, I’d just seen the Dr with severe mid-month pain and vulnerably shared that we dreamed of having a child. The Dr told me not to be stupid as I was too old at 38 with abdominal adhesions and should go on the pill to stop the pain. His words destroyed me. The following year I received an email from my coach with information about a new online course called Feminine Power. Steve told me to do it! At the end of that course, I had such a strong vision of us in a big garden with our child. I dared to share that vision with Steve and eventually others. I share about it in this previous post.

So this past decade has seen me quit my 10 year job, fly to LA to train as a Feminine Power Coach even though I didn’t want to be a coach at that time, co-lead retreats in Italy. I became pregnant at 41, sailed through pregnancy, survived a traumatic medicalised labour thankfully without further abdominal surgery and became a mum. Our son is 7 next month and is so precious. Being his mum is a joy and as every parent knows challenging! They are our greatest teachers. I’ve set up my coaching business which I’m now able to grow as our son needs me less. I’ve also got a lovely part-time job in a Dementia charity – a subject very close to my heart because of family experience. Life is full and joyful.

As I step into 2020, I’m releasing struggling. As I’ve reflected this Winter’s Solstice, I’ve seen how it’s a pervasive pattern in my life. I’m letting it go and calling in ease and flow and abundance. I’m being very practical about this – I’m noticing when the old patterns starts and I’m choosing another way. Plus I’m sending Reiki to this to clear it energetically. I love how coaching and Reiki plus quantum healing all works together.

As Marianne Williamson famously said our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. The ‘trick’ is knowing that and using it to make the changes we desire.

So this week, as we step into a new year and decade I invite you to reflect on your past decade, harvest the wisdom and plan for the future.

If you’d like support with this I have a special offer on at the moment – Set yourself up for Success

With love and blessings

Sam xx


The light is fading on another day.

As the longest night draws ever nearer, the sun ignores the mid afternoon clock and sinks beneath the horizon. Deep shades of orange light the sky and then become muted across the landscape.

The heat that warmed my body and soul disappears with the last of the vibrant light.

The darkness whispers and then begins to shout as it takes over. Still the clock says afternoon but all around screams night-time.

The light of the moon fills the sky, bringing an eerie sense of calm and tranquility. There’s a hush in the air, a pause. Time to reflect and wonder and rest.

The clock still says it’s time to be ‘doing’ but my soul listens to the night and says ‘sleep’. I yearn for the darkness, the chance to snuggle under blankets and slip into dream-time while awake. To explore, to dream, to connect to the wisdom within.

I dream of magic, of love, of feeling connected to the world. Of loved ones and how much they mean to me.

I bask in this vast space of awake-dream-time where time and space collide and cease. This is love, this is magic, this is home.