Monthly Archives: January 2019

Creating Space

This year my focus is on space – space to do the things I love, space to rest, to exercise, to cook, to play! I’ve set a powerful intention to have a lot of freedom in my life this year to do all the things I love.

My focus this month is clearing the house – we’ve been going since 28th Dec and the house feels so much better – there’s space in the cupboards, on the floor! This physical space is giving me clarity of mind to focus on 2019 and be curious about how I want the year to be. I joined a new women’s circle and found it a real blessing to have time and space with other women as we set our intentions for the year. I also run a women’s online development group every week and my sacred sisters mean so much to me. I’m blessed to be part of some amazing communities and friendships.

Obviously family and friends are pivotal to everything. My boys are everything to me. I’m so lucky that we have (deliberately created) lots of family time and adventures 💖

I’m really curious about my health – I’m so lucky to have an amazingly strong body which keeps going. This year I’m softening to that and being curious about the best exercise for me especially as menopause creeps closer! 

My other focus is ‘work’ – I’m part of a fantastic team raising Dementia awareness in Bristol – an illness that’s close to my heart as I’ve been touched by it several times through family and friends. I so appreciate the friendship, opportunities and ‘stretching’ this part-time position gives me. 

I’m so honoured that I get to ‘be me’ and call upon 25 years of energy healing and spiritual enquiry to be a transformative coach for sensitive women who are seeking to c next deeply to themselves, their power, radiance and joy. This year I want to expand as I see the difference this makes and I want to support more women to reclaim themselves and their lives. This is my calling and joy – I’m not only there for regular coaching sessions – I welcome regular check-ins and offer ongoing energetic support. I’m a very present stand for the women I support 💗

Sending love and blessings xxx

If you haven’t set intentions yet, I invite you to be curious about 2019 – what do you want and what do you yearn for? Are they the same things? Listen – to your head, heart and gut – are they in alignment? 

Play! I invite you to take a few moments to feel into 2019 and really feel how you’d like your year to be. Maybe think about your family, friends, fun activities, things you love to do, your work, relationships, health… what are your deepest desires….. 

And notice if there’s a gap? Breathe into it…. be curious about it – what do you need? Additional resources, time? Energy? Support (from?)….

Have fun and come back to this regularly to see if you’re still on course.