Monthly Archives: July 2018

Being Present with Love

I had a client recently whose health is challenging and there’s was a great sense of ‘it’s not fair’ and that’s so true.

And we can make up all these stories – it’s the way energy works – starts in the aura and works it’s way in if not cleared. As a healer, I’ve heard that a million times but is it true? Or is it a story we tell ourselves to make us feel better? It’s not personal.

Maybe it’s just how it is in this moment? Again soothing but not actually helpful.

So what’s the new story we can create? How can we make this have traction and energy?

My first instinct is to sit with it, be present, name it and love it. I didn’t say it was easy!

Recently my skin has been so painful – I’ve had a sunrash for most of my life and it’s bad this year – red, raw, itching. I feel miserable putting on sunscreen every day and covering up and still itching every night. The other night it was particularly bad and nothing soothed it, so I sat with it and lovingly stroked my arms saying ‘I love you’ and yes that sounds like the hippy healer I am. But within minutes all itching had stopped. And in that space of peace, I was able to see my next step – getting a homeopathic cream. Two days later the cream has arrived and my skin has healed amazingly in 24 hours. And I know I could take the traditional route of finding out why I have this and healing it with support. But for now, I need a quick solution so I can get on with my life. Because the fact is we actually don’t have the time in our crazy busy lives to come to a full stop¬†or expanded space of enquiry very often. So let’s give ourselves precious moments to be present with ourselves to find the solutions we need.

Let’s change those old stories and create new ones. Let’s utilise the amazing resources we all have in our lives. But let’s also take time to love ourselves unconditionally- that’s when the true magic happens.

This week, today, I invite you to stop, even if it’s just 5 minutes and be present to yourself. Express (however feels right) love and care and gratitude to your body. Witness whatever is present in your life from this kind, compassionate space. And listen for possible actions. Most importantly, savour just being with yourself – be your own best friend, healer, coach etc.

We all need support

One of the Feminine Power teachings is ‘we can’t become ourselves by ourselves’ and that’s so true. Yes it can feel vulnerable to reach out for support but we really can’t do everything alone.

My old story/belief was I am Alone – I feel in control then but I also feel isolated and powerless. It’s a static point with no traction to move. Being supported has been a stretch for me – it takes me out of my comfort zone and I feel exposed and vulnerable or I feel that I have to reciprocate immediately (usually by making lots of cake!) But I know that that’s where the magic is – it’s where there’s energy and power. After 8 years in the Feminine Power community, I’m comfortable with seeking support and I so appreciate it.

For years I’ve struggled with naming ‘what I do’ in terms of coaching and healing. It can seem so airy-fairy when in reality it’s grounded and makes very definite changes quickly. ¬†A few days ago, I had a wonderful session with a dear friend and Feminine Power Coach who helped me polish my new coaching bio. Now it feels more ‘me’ and I feel it expresses what happens in coaching sessions. And that’s the gift of creating a space together – energy and ideas flow and in a very short space of time big shifts can be accomplished.

This week I invite you to see where you’re receiving support and where you’re not. Be curious if you’re not reaching out to others – why is that? (asked lovingly) – is there a false belief? Do you feel you lack the skills to ask for support? What kind of support do you need?

Shifting to another place be curious about the support you offer to others. Really appreciate how you do that and the value that has for others.