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It’s that simple!

I absolutely love coaching. It’s so wonderful to witness someone begin to connect deeply with themselves and see how their life ‘magically’ starts to easily transform and move towards their desires.

I had a client recently say ‘I pay you £.. to tell me to breathe!’ we were both laughing as she said it because of course there’s so much more but equally it is that simple. And that’s why I love it – I’m not ‘teaching’ women anything, I’m creating a safe space where they can begin to connect to themselves. They are their own coach in effect as they have the wisdom inside them. Of course, I’m calling upon 21 years as a healer, more as a spiritual enquirer and all my other trainings including eight years as a Feminine Power Coach and then as a Conscious Uncoupling Coach.

Empowering others is my aim. I don’t want women to rely on me – I teach them tools to connect to themselves and their power, energy and confidence. Then they can create the life they want, the way they want. And it occurs organically as they are in alignment with themselves. Here the real magic happens – opportunities appear, people connect with them, friendships and love relationships come or uplevel with ease. They have the courage to dream even bigger and make big shifts in their lives. And sometimes, it’s the other way around – to dream of a simpler life and begin to let go of the things that don’t resonate or bring happiness and instead concentrate on the joy and happiness that’s already present and increase it.

I’m delighted to offer free discovery coaching sessions for those wanting to experience coaching and explore how it can help you to become yourself, fully.

Giving and Receiving

Today I received such an amazing gift – a beautiful portrait of myself whilst coaching. This was from an amazing woman who inspires me and has supported me in the past. A couple of weeks ago she asked for support and I gladly offered a coaching session. This week, we met and today I received her beautiful testimonial and this amazing picture and words. I can’t describe how deeply this touches me and I will treasure the image and words forever. And in the chaos of life, it’s so precious to receive feedback and heart-centred communication.

I love that I’m part of a growing network of women offering support, sharing their gifts and simply being with others. This week I’ve also been supported deeply by my weekly Food Joy group. And sometimes it’s a challenge to receive that blessing but it’s so needed. Once we are ‘full’ with love and support we can pass that on to others. Together, we can become ourselves and change the world with kindness and love.

‘Here is an imperfect portrait of you and the energy I feel from you. The portrait doesn’t capture the exact shape and softness of your features, the sparkle in your eyes, or the strength in your shoulders. I see and feel your connection to the earth and the charmed web of life so clearly. I see your enormous capacity for love, in the honouring of people around you and extending all that love in a circle back to your self. You sit with your feelings, your curiosity, and your zest for creating a beautiful space. You are teaching others to do the same and holding them so they can inhabit their bodies, their world, their imagination, their power. I see you and I thank you.’
Alexis Blenkarn








This week I invite you to be kind – to yourself, others and with your buying choices. Let’s change the world one act of generosity and kindness at a time.

Love and Blessings
Sam xx

Being Yourself

In my coaching introduction I speak a lot about being yourself fully, standing in your truth and power.
As I reflect on this week I can clearly see how I’ve done that and as I unpick it, I can see the different steps that allowed me to be myself and feel in my power.
We’ve had a challenging week and ended up in a situation with ‘experts’ where in past experiences, I’ve given away my power and accepted others’ truth over my own. This time was so different.

Firstly, this was around something I’ve researched for years and I felt comfortable with my decision. And I felt other than stating my decision, I did not need to engage in conversation around it. This was completely respected by the experts I talked to and not pushed.

Which brings me to boundaries – I was clear where mine were – in my mind and body. I felt in complete alignment with myself.

Energetic preparation
Before going into the situation, I sat with it, got clear on what I wanted to happen (best possible outcome) and sent Reiki to it all.

From there everything flowed – from getting immediate appointments, being seen on time and arriving at a car park just as someone was leaving and being given their ticket for the exact amount of time needed (with 3 minutes to spare!)

Being Clear
No is a complete sentence! I used this several times with a clear voice, energy and intention. In the past I might have wavered or tried to justify my no – not this time!

Engaging with others
I was clear on my position but also open to listening and asked engaging questions that started with ‘I’m curious…’ which allowed energy to flow and showed that I wasn’t fixed. I was respectful at all times while maintaining my boundaries.

I received great reflections from others that I had obviously done my research.

This situation could have been so different and I’m so incredibly grateful for all the training and support I’ve received over the years that have led me to this strong and powerful knowing and to be flexible enough to listen and receive too.
Plus I reached out to friends and family to check in.

This week I invite you to reflect on who you are and what’s your truth?
Where is your power and are there areas where you give away your power?
Be curious!