Monthly Archives: February 2018

Creating Space for Yourself

I’m tired. I’ve had a busy few days – both physically and emotionally. I’ve also had several coaching clients. This energises me but puts pressure on me to ‘do’ all those other things in a shorter space of time. And that is being a mum in today’s world – navigating and trying to fit everything into a set amount of time. This means filtering what’s really important. So for me that’s time to cook and eat wholesome food and have cuddles with my son.

So in that gap I’ve had to create space for myself. For me, that’s sitting with a cuppa and breathing. Breathing into my body, being conscious, and noticing how I feel. I notice what I need and if there’s any tension. I use my breath to energise and relax my body and mind. It’s a practice. Every day I do this so that it becomes easier to still the racing mind and access my body’s wisdom.

There’s a shift in that space as I ‘get out of my way’ and instead become curious about what’s arising. Curiosity is fantastic – its expansive rather than contracted. There’s room to breathe. Then there’s room for my intuition or deeper knowing to speak. That may be a whisper or a shout – either way I am paying attention to it while remaining relaxed and open.

If I’ve got more time, it’s great to get outdoors in nature. Ideally barefoot on the earth as it balances our energy and reduces inflammation. I’m great at that in the summer, we rarely do it in the winter but we do go for family walks to the beach or woods.

This week I invite you to be curious about the space you create for yourself – is it enough?

*Do you crave more? How can you do that? Be curious and open without going into any blame or shame if it feels impossible.
*Ask yourself what do I feel? What do I need? And listen to the answers.
There’s no need to fix anything in this moment. It’s about listening to yourself and starting to create a relationship with yourself.
*Do things you love! If you’re a mum with kids – do them together – sing, dance, go for walks or swims, paint and create. What makes your heart sing?

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