Monthly Archives: October 2017


It’s so easy in our lives to get bogged down with the everyday living, feeling overwhelmed and not enough. To desperately try to complete the seemingly never ending ‘to do’ lists and keep adding to them. To try to fit in with others while being unique in some way. It’s exhausting.
What if there’s another way?
What if there’s a way to be and a place to stand where you are enough. There’s enough in the world and it’s enough to be yourself?
What would it be like to look at your life from this place? Take a moment and breathe into that. How would you stand, sit? How would you breathe? Notice your other senses. How would you feel as enough?
Now imagine your life is enough. Imagine stepping into it for a moment. What and who would you be being? What would be occurring in your life? In this place of enoughness, imagine being central to your life – an active participant.

Life is happening through you, not to you. You are co-creating your life, what will you create? What calls to you from the depth of your being? What rises up? Let go of the shoulds and the musts and listen… at first it may only be a whisper so listen carefully as your inner voice rises up. And keep listening. Notice if there’s a different quality to this deep inner voice – how it rises from your depths. How does it feel? Is part of it a knowing? An understanding? A yes? How does it feel energetically? Inspiring? Nurturing? Growth-orientated? Listen and feel. Go beyond my words and experience yourself in all that you are.

From this space of being yourself, be curious about your life. With love, empathy and compassion view your life as it is now: the things, people that make up your life. Be curious about your ‘work’, the way you express yourself in your life, what’s your ‘calling’? Are those needs being met?
And notice if anything changes in this moment of curiosity.

I invite you to play with this for the next week or more. Be curious where you feel enough in your life and where you feel you are striving to be enough. Open a space to be curious about this, without shame or judgement but instead with curiosity and wonder.

Your body is made up of trillions of cells working together in each moment. Let that sink in. How amazing you are by simply being. You are and always have been enough. Feel that, breathe it in.

Now be curious about yourself and how you want to live your Radiant life. Imagine expanding yourself into that.

This is the space we create and hold together in a transformative coaching and healing partnership. I hold the possibility of your brightest life. I liken it to a spiral – we walk the spiral together and we access it from all levels be that past, present, future, energy, emotions, beliefs, patterns, wounds, spiritual resources and so much more. You are the creator of your life and I support and empower you to claim your Radiant life.

If this calls to you, please contact me for a free discovery coaching session or free distant healing session.