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Stepping out of Pain and into Power

What does pain mean to you? What does physical, emotional, mental or spiritual pain mean to you?

Did you know that:

*women have twice as many pain receptors as men and are more likely to suffer from chronic pain
*Studies show there’s a link between chronic pain, depression, anxiety and social isolation
*Studies show that spiritual activities influence general life happiness and satisfaction for those in chronic pain

*Imagine feeling pain-free or greatly reducing your pain
*Imagine feeling connected to your body and joyfully alive
*Imagine having the confidence and resources to take control of your life and create the life you want

I am honoured to offer support to women looking to step out of their pain, whatever that may be. To connect to themselves fully, reduce or stop their pain, feel well and live their lives radiantly and joyfully.

I’ve turned pain into PAIN

Use where you are right now as your start point to a vibrant, radiant and joyful life.

I’ve shared my story a number of times on my website but I’ll share briefly here from the pain perspective:
I had surgery for a rupturing ovarian cyst when I was 23. I had deep trauma from the surgery and clearly remember shaking so much that I had to held down as I came out of the anaesthetic. I felt I was being ripped in half as nurses pulled me upright hours later. That’s when I found out that drugs, including morphine don’t work for me. But I am physically strong so I buried my pain and made myself get up and move around so I could get out of hospital. That really was my experience for many years. My whole abdomen is full of scar tissue (adhesions) from that surgery and they don’t stretch so every movement ripped them. For years, I couldn’t stand up straight so I held on to walls to walk. I had a disabled badge at university so I could continue my course. I got support after uni so that I could work. And I learnt my limitations while pushing them. Alongside the physical pain was the emotional and mental pain as I forced my body to move through the pain. I felt trapped in myself. I felt so alone and my lived experience was that no one understood what it was like being me. I withdraw from life a lot. I questioned ‘why am I here?’ and had what I’d now term a spiritual pain and crisis as I felt disconnected from myself, others and life.
I’m so thankful to my parents who insisted I have ‘something’ and paid for me to have hypnotherapy and reflexology. Those opened the world of complementary therapies and self empowerment to me and led me to Reiki which is my great love. Reiki is a spiritual energy system that includes healing on every level.

Ironically, by the time I was referred to a pain clinic, they told me I could teach them from my learning.

And yet there was still a gap. An unnamed pain as well as the daily chronic pain. My husband Steve has propelled me forward in so many ways as he’s my rock and greatest advocate: seven years ago he insisted I take the Feminine Power 7 week online course. It totally transformed my life. Not only with its amazing content and deep principles and practices but because it comes with a community, something I was severely lacking. One of the teachings is: we can’t become ourselves by ourselves. That’s so true. And that’s why I’m a stand for women, wanting to emerge from their pain into their power, into their aliveness and radiance so that they can have a joyful life, no matter what the circumstances.

If this calls to you or you are simply curious about my ‘work’ please get in touch. I’m delighted to offer free 60 minute discovery sessions to connect to yourself, identify your pain and have clarity on how to achieve your wellness, radiance and joy.

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