Monthly Archives: April 2017

Letting the Soul Speak

It felt particularly poignant that the Easter weekend – one of growth and rebirth – was one of breakdown and deep inner knowing and light.
I’ve been grappling with lots of big questions and living my life. I’ve been researching and discussing with Steve. I’ve been playing football with our son and helping him create his own flowerpot netball ‘net’ – how does he even know about that?
I’ve been sitting with guilt and rage and deep love and compassion. I’ve had beautiful coaching and support. I’ve given myself Reiki. I’ve eaten nourishing foods and listened to myself. I’ve accepted it’s a journey and been present to myself without (much) judgement (I’m not perfect!).
As a healer and coach I know that emotions want to be acknowledged and seen so that they can flow again rather than stay stagnate. But it still Hurts. A Lot.
I’ve been listening. I’ve been called into a deep spiritual space where energy flows. I’ve started listening to Danielle LaPorte’s latest book which speaks deeply and poetically to my soul.
And while exercising this morning, greater clarity has come. Simple. Beautiful. Acceptance and Knowing.
My heart and soul spoke of love and connection. And in that space, the answers flow.

So I invite you to become present to yourself and deeply listen for the answers to the questions of your life.
And if there are no answers, feel into it and see if it’s the question that needs changing. Very often we get stuck by asking questions that can’t be answered, that don’t generate a life-giving, flow answer. Change the question if it only gives you yes or no. Change the nature of the enquiry.

The Power of Ritual

I’ve used ritual off and on over the years and love it’s power but don’t use it every day. Unless you count Reiki as ritual as it’s a sacred space and I definitely use it every single day.

On Friday, I had a powerful coaching session with two Feminine Powers sisters. I was coaching one and the other was holding the sacred space with us. Ritual was very powerful that night as we started with an opening centering to bring our energies and awareness into the space together. I asked us to imagine we were holding hands in a circle around a fire. That image stayed throughout the session and we used it to let go of old beliefs and to create the space for the new to come in. I’ve not used ritual in a coaching session to that extent before and I’ll definitely do it in future if it feels right.

On this Easter weekend, it feels right to let go of the old and call forth the new. Ritual can help with that process energetically as well as physically. So maybe you want to light a garden fire and write short notes of all the things you’d like to get rid of; throw them into the fire and feel your energy cleansed with release and relief. Or maybe you’re walking along the beach, throwing stones with the things you want to release into the sea.
When you’ve let go of everything that you want to release, call forth the things you want to create and imagine them coming towards you. Create space in your life for the new both energetically but also physically – so if your garage or cupboard is full to overflowing, now might be a good time to start sorting things. Likewise, go through your clothes and see which ones make you feel good and which might be better for someone else.