Monthly Archives: March 2017

Time and Priorities

The other day I mentioned that I read 1 or 2 books a week and was told that I ‘have too much time on my hands’. This got me thinking about time and priorities. I hadn’t stipulated whether they were fiction or non-fiction books but that’s not relevant. I know for my own health that I need downtime reading. Usually I alternate fiction with non-fiction self-development or health books. I’m reading David Hamilton’s latest at the moment on Kindness which is really interesting.
Likewise, I can take up to an hour preparing our family evening meal – last night that was lentil and veg cottage pie with peas. I enjoy cooking most of the time and I want us to eat healthy food that’s made with love and for me that’s cooking from scratch. Equally my breakfast smoothie, pancakes or homemade rice pudding take moments to make and I have frozen dhal or split pea soups if I don’t fancy salad etc for lunch. I’m a very organised person so it’s easy for me to think ahead and have foods to hand especially as I’m doing an almost vegan detox at the moment so food is high on my priorities.
Obviously our son takes up a huge chunk of my time 24/7 but it’s lovely to snuggle reading together and cooking together.
We have a dedicated ‘family day’ for walks in the woods, paddles in streams or the beach.
The other big thing in my life is healing and coaching. As I’m doing the Feminine Power coaching training again as an evergreen student, there’s hours of calls to listen to plus vibrant exploratory practice groups each week. This feeds my soul and connects me to others having the same experience and really gives me a sense of community and growth. Likewise books inform my knowledge in the areas I’m most interested – natural health and wellness and healing. While natural food also feeds my soul and expands my Reiki as I’m a purer channel for it.

Think about your ‘time’ and what is vitally important to you and how it nurtures you…. do you have enough time? Do you need more?
Notice if there are time wasters that you could reduce or eliminate from your life?
Be curious about your beliefs about both – what are your ‘shoulds’ and your ‘should-nots’?

Body Listening

I have just had a deeply healing and profound experience. As part of my Feminine Power coaches re-training (evergreen teaching), I met with a dear Feminine Power sister this spring equinox morning. We went through an exercise taught at the recent Feminine Power retreat by Katie Hendricks who led the group through her bodify exercise. It’s a short exercise to embody first the ‘old story’, then the ‘new story’.
As coaches we are trained to get to things quickly to enable our clients to move on with their lives and we do a lot of body listening too. This is a very different and exciting experience with the coach holding the space and supporting and encouraging/amplifying the experience.
My experience was of becoming completely contracted – body hunched over, trying to get smaller and smaller, to take up less and less space so that others wouldn’t take so much of ‘me’ and ‘my energy’. There was a lot of pain in there of feeling violated by my surgery and labour as Doctors cut me and forced me into situations where I felt I had no control. Despite 23 years of healing work, this still felt raw. There was anger too – internal screaming ‘this is my space’.
The ‘new story’ was one of expansion, pushing my shoulders back and breathing deeply. Being present and grounded and aware of my space – that I allow others into but do not allow them to take. I could look around, breathe, be confident. This space held purity too – pure breath, pure energy.
This is so interesting as this past week I’ve been cleansing my diet and being mostly vegan. I’m very aware that although I’m healthy, my weight is way beyond ideal and I have lots of stories related to that – low blood sugar, difficulty or fear exercising due to abdominal adhesions, genetics, intolerances etc. I’ve also been aware of my body being a ‘protection’ but today I realised that it is trying to take up the space bodily I haven’t been allowing myself energetically to take up.
In light of the ‘new story’ this impulse to cleanse makes so much sense. Synchronistically I had a powerful reading last week that highlighted purity too. And this pulls together so many themes in my life – I don’t take medical or any drugs, we eat as much organic food as we can, vegetarian, natural cleaning products, we’re very aware of waste and try to recycle or pass along things we no longer need or re-home things we do want rather than buy new. In essence, we try to live as naturally as possible while having the ‘perks’ of life such as an economical car, computer etc.
This is still new and fresh and I’m sure it will evolve as I sit with it over the hours and days.
I’m so excited to see how this shifts/gives me a new perspective and how I can incorporate it into my healing and coaching.

This week, I invite you to listen to your intuition – what is it saying? What do you feel called to do, to create, to eat? Who do you feel compelled to connect with?

Shift perspective and look at your life from this new perspective. What becomes possible then?


I was upset last night, my four-year-old came up to me, wrapped his arms around me and repeated the self-soothing I’ve always given him (you’re ok, I’ve got you, you’re safe…)
I don’t want to be a ‘perfect’ mother, I want to be human and I want him to see and understand the full spectrum of emotions. Of course, I try not to express too much but we’d had a bad day with a temper tantrum on Waitrose floor (him not me!) and I was frazzled.
In that moment I felt we were both empowered by his kindness – me because I’ve raised him to value that and him because he knew what to do in that moment that expressed kindness and love. X