Monthly Archives: November 2016

Standing in a place of possibility

As mum to a three year old, my world has been very inward facing – pretty much all about him with a tiny bit of ‘other’ on the periphery. That’s felt fine to a large extent – I/we made that choice knowing that for the first six years a child’s brain is laying down the love/connect pathways. We want him to be a loved, self-confident boy and man.
Now as his four birthday approaches in the winter, I find myself standing in a place of possibility about my/our family future. I say I find myself but in large part it’s due to the feminine power retraining I’m taking at the moment as I’m totally immersed in it. I’ve been doing Feminine Power for over six years now and the work has moved on and deepened considerably. I love this work so much and it’s given me so much. I’ve shared before about daring to dream about having a child when it seemed impossible and setting that intention with my husband.
So now as I breathe down into my hips, my legs and into the earth, I extend my energy outwards too – into that space of possibility… trusting that opportunities, connections, resources will come to me. I am open to inspiration, creativity, connection… I let it flow through me and be me…
I witness what comes with love, respect, gratitude and I open and widen some more. As more and more comes, I widen even more especially if I feel overwhelmed. It’s in these moments that instinct can be to contract, make ourselves small but by widening the space, I can hold all of it. So I breathe and go deeper and deeper.
Out of this space comes the Power Statement: I am here to thrive and shine. I can feel it in my body – a deep sense of grounding and knowing that resonates through my body. I feel at peace and present.
From this space, I feel creative and alive, I feel the pull to ‘do’ certain things – for me now it’s to write, to share, to be myself.
It feels organic, alive and vibrant to be in this space of possibility. There’s a trusting too .. being willing to let things unfold in their own time, following the impulse and enjoying the unknowing. This is feminine power – being present to ourselves, listening, witnessing and gratefully receiving inspiration, creativity and joy.


Raising our son is a spiritual experience for me. That’s not to say it isn’t ‘challenging’ and I often wish I’d done something different.
But I’m so grateful to have this opportunity – one I didn’t think I’d ever have. Finding out we were having a boy was beautiful and wonderful. In less than an hour we’d chosen Dillon’s first and second name. We wanted Irish as a nod to his father’s heritage and it had to have a special meaning.
I look at him now at 44 months old – a child and yet so grown up already. We spend so much precious time together as mother and son and as family with Dad and other family too. He loves to be outdoors and we take long family walks at the weekend where we find bugs, splash in streams and pick up leaves, acorns and conkers.
Already he’s verbalising moods – often saying ‘mummy smile’ or ‘mummy’s sad’ and I encourage him to verbalise emotions (his and ours) so that he has clarity but also knows that at any moment they can change especially if tickling is involved!
We give lots of hugs and he’ll ask for them too as we do. I feel it’s so important for him to have touch and equally that it’s ok if he doesn’t want a cuddle.

I love the feminine power practice of asking yourself:
What do I feel?
What do I need?
In any given moment we might not be able to meet those needs and that’s ok – it’s about witnessing them, being aware without the need to fix anything. Feelings come and go – if we let them. They flow.
It’s good to know we have the power to change them too – whether that’s by witnessing them, changing perspective or getting involved in a tickle fest!