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Healing in Nature

We’ve just had a relaxing and rejuvenating week in Cornwall. Staying in a bungalow on the clifftop at Gorran Haven.
We did some touristy things – visiting the model railway museum at Mevagissey with a train-obsessed 3 year old and the Maritime museum at Falmouth to see Viking ships. The rest of the time has been visiting seaside spots and beaches.
Gorran Haven has such a lovely beach – just minutes from our holiday Bungalow. We mostly had it to ourselves with the occasional people and dogs walking past. This past autumnal week has been incredible – the sea has been different each time – from the deepest blue when we arrived a week ago to a mid blue a couple of days ago and then a glacial blue. It’s almost been too beautiful to watch. I’ve paddled in it and taken pictures but they can’t reflect the impact it’s had on me. I felt my soul expanding, being cleansed by the blue, the lapping waves and the sheer peace and tranquility of the water.
This morning, we stopped at Mevagissey for a final model railway trip. Walking along the harbour, the wind was whipping the sea and the waves were crashing against the shore and walls. Our son laughed with us as spray hit us.
I love water – one minute quiet and deep, another churning and crashing. Always so immensely powerful.
We enjoy lots of walks in nature and I love seeing the different trees in autumn but the sea this week has called to me, has healed me. I came to the holiday exhausted and disconnected, I leave it reconnected to myself and life. I certainly haven’t done all the reading or Feminine Power ‘work’ I planned to. Instead we’ve had lots of family time, I’ve run in the waves with our son, we’ve dug water trenches in the sand and we’ve enjoyed watching sunrises and sunsets. I feel so lucky to share this as a family. Nature is so powerful and also so restful and rejuvenating.

We stayed at
which is a lovely large bungalow owned by a dear friend. You can see pictures I’ve taken of Shelbourne and the surrounding area on Pinterest and Instagram




I am so grateful for the many blessings in my life – my husband and child, family, friends, my creativity, my experiences … it’s an endless list.

I am especially grateful today for a very dear Feminine Power Sister who stands with me and supports me when I need coaching. We probably share weekly depending on who needs support so one of us might want to be coached or we might split our time coaching each other. It’s a very precious space. Both of us have been doing Feminine Power for six years. We’ve met in person in Los Angeles five years ago for the FP Coaching training. We are soul sisters. I am forever grateful for her beautiful presence in my life and especially for the lightness of soul she brings.
Every session unfolds differently with her questioning, presence and witnessing. She sees me. If I hide, she calls me out. If I try to change direction as a diversion, she feels it and presences it. If I get stuck she reflects back what has already been shared. She holds a space for my ‘greatness’ (the latest buzzword – I’m still processing it ?) and names my potential.
She is a wise woman just as all women are. We have our fantastic life stories, our pains, our celebrations. We are women who have lived, who are living, who are growing and flourishing. We are processing less developed parts of ourselves and we are magnificent in other developed parts. This is life.