Monthly Archives: March 2016



We are standing on the Earth at a sacred time. We have the call to shine and step into the unknown, knowing we are supported and loved, secure and held as we spread our wings and fly.
This is our time. We are here to be seen, to flourish, to shine. We stand, arms and souls linked as we expand our energy in the vast future. Trusting and loving all that is.
Like the waves upon the shore, we keep moving, forward and back, forward and back. Expanding and contacting, always moving with the flow of life.


It’s so easy to become entangled in our lives without the time and space to see who we really are. Our lives are filled with ebb and flow like the sea on the beach but with the pressures of modern living, it can become so easy to focus on the ebb or contracting our energy and making ourselves ‘small’.

Take time today to focus on your expansion. Sit quietly and breathe deeply, imagining your energy extending beyond your body, reaching out to life and others. Imagine you can touch others with your energy and help them to feel your love and shine. Know that you make a difference in the world and choose to shine.



I am Blessed

I am blessed

I am blessed
I am blessed for the air that I breathe
For my body which moves and sustains me
For being me
I am blessed to walk upon this magnificent earth
To feel the ground beneath my feet
And the wind in my hair
The love in my heart
For my life, my child, my partner, my family, my friends
I am blessed to be present at this time

I wrote this simple poem/thank you note whilst sat in my car last week. OurĀ son started preschool at the end of January and I’ve been going with him twice a week. Last week, I was able to leave him happily playing and have some quiet time in the car park. I am deeply grateful for this – both for time to myself and more so because our son feels loved and secure.

Take a few moments to think about the blessings in your life and feel how that makes you come alive with gratitude, love and appreciation for all that you have.