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Growing our own

I love the summer for all the vibrant and delicious fruits and vegetables on offer. It’s a time to feel a lightness in body, mind and soul and to eat lightly too.
I love food – it nourishes me on all levels. This year, for the first time, I’ve grown food in our garden so that our son can see how it grows and then eat it. My husband is a professional organic gardener, trained in horticulture, permaculture, garden design etc so he’s helped too
Every night our son shouts that it’s time to water the plants and he helps firstly with the potatoes then the lettuce, beetroot and tomatoes. He’s a fussy eater but he’s eaten our lettuce and I’m excited to see him eat the first ripe tomato. He ignored the strawberries growing in the flower border though! Last year he’d take a bite out of an apple from the tree and then throw it in the compost bin! I’m hopeful that apples and plums will be eaten fully this year!
There’s something so wonderful about growing your own food. A few years ago my husband grew French beans, sweetcorn (simply delicious), onions and garlic as well as herbs. It’s probably not cost effect even compared to organic prices but it’s priceless in terms of vital life energy and sheer enjoyment. Picking your own grown food and eating it moments or minutes later – bursting with life energy and rich nutrients. Just perfect
So take a few moments to think about the foods you love and could maybe grow. Whether that’s some herbs on the windowsill ready to brighten a home cooked meal or tomatoes, potatoes, courgettes or fruit trees and bushes in a garden. It’s easy to slip fruit and veg into a traditional flower border or herb, strawberry or cherry tomato hanging baskets.

Why I love Reiki

For me Reiki is Love.
When I’m with a client, I ask the reiki to flow and imagine love flowing from my body. My hands are normally on the person or in their immediate energy field but energy flows from everywhere; they are probably just aware of the heat from my hands.

Reiki has literally transformed my life. Before Reiki, I was suffering from chronic pain following surgery. I could barely stand up straight or walk without holding onto something. Then in 1997, Reiki was everywhere, or so it seemed to me! So I took Reiki 1 so that I could heal myself. Suddenly my hands were hot and I could feel energy. A few months later I did Reiki 2 – the practitioners level. Now I was giving Reiki to family and friends. A whole world opened up to me where I could sense energy in myself, others and around me. The following year I took Seichem which has the additional energies of fire, water and air to Reiki’s grounded earth energy. To family and friends, my healings now felt like ‘cotton wool’!
Taking the Third Master/Teacher level a while later was quite an experience. My Grandfather died just days before the attunement but it felt right to continue and it gave me comfort to be in such a sacred space. It is a true gift to be able to attune others to this energy so that they can heal themselves and others.

The biggest transformation was my own health. The physical pain continued as my abdomen is stuck together with scar tissue (adhesions) but I no longer registered it until it got to a certain level. I began to stand up straight again and walk further distances. I got a job, met my soulmate and got married.

I use Reiki every day. It’s intuitive after so many years. I Reiki my day with positive energy, I give Reiki to my body wherever I need it, I Reiki ahead to situations, I Reiki car journeys, I’ve even Reiki’d batteries and clocks that have stopped working, with great success! I love giving sending Reiki to others too and hearing how they feel better soon after.

I love that Reiki is so accessible and is a gentle, yet powerful support to other therapies. For example, I may do laser coaching on specific issues while doing a Reiki session so that it supports the person as they touch on, often, raw emotions. Diving deep into buried emotions, while surrounded by Reiki gives additional comfort and can feel like having a warm blanket around you. As the person is using the Reiki energy as their energy system needs, I always know it’s going where it’s most needed, in just the right amounts.

When I wonderfully became pregnant after years of trying, I Reiki’d our growing baby in my womb every day and every day since he came out! I had abdominal pain throughout the pregnancy but nowhere near the level of the early days 20+ years ago. Since his birth, the chronic pain has pretty much gone except for the rare occasion, usually when I’ve pushed myself too hard.

It’s only now, at 2.5 years old that I’m aware of our son taking Reiki as a separate individual, before that his energy felt like an extension of my energy. It’s such an honour to be able to pass this on to the next generation and what a wonderful tool for our son to have, knowing that we can heal ourselves and others and always have access to this Love.

Loving your body

I’m starting a new daily practice – taking a few moments to breathe deeply and become conscious of my body. To thank and love my body for all it does and allows me to do.
I deeply appreciate my body – it’s simply amazing. Trillions of cells working together each and every moment.
My body has been through a lot – from surgery to an abdomen full of scar tissue and the resulting chronic pain. It’s got pregnant despite those adhesions and carried our child to term and birthed him. It’s kept going without more than a few hours sleep ever since he was born!
I invite you to focus on your body and all it does for you. To breathe deeply and say ‘thank you’ with love. Hold your body, place your hands on your body and express your appreciation.

Gratitude List

As a coach, I often tell people to write a gratitude list so that they can appreciate all that’s good in their life and therefore transform their energy to a more positive vibration.
So this week I thought it might be a good idea to do one for myself! I’ve done it on my phone so I always have it.
It’s filled with all the wonderful simple things in life – like clearing the spare room, having more creative energy to write, enjoying family time on the beach, enjoying time with friends, making new friends, reading a good book, getting creative with sewing and making new things, having a chat to my 91 year old Gran each day and hearing our son tell her about his day (usually all about the lorries he’s seen!). These things make up my life and they make it so precious.
I’m so grateful for the family time we have and for the time hubby occupies our son so that I can write or sew, meditate or clear things. Equally I treasure all the snuggles with our son as he falls asleep in my arms.
So what are you grateful for? Take a few moments to breathe into the enquiry and then write it down and keep writing. Take a few moments throughout your day to add to the list. Then see how you feel in a few days time. Far better than a ‘to do’ list

Clearing the energy

There’s nothing quite like a ‘spring clean’ for clearing the energy, whether that’s in your physical and/or mental space.
I can feel it when the energy isn’t clear around me – for example I know the spare room needs sorting but try to ignore it! But yesterday our son slept for a long while, so I thought I’d make a start on the dreaded paperwork that hubby has been accumulating! It’s so cathartic to sort and file – or at least it is for me! Clarity comes as bank statements are filed together and junk put in the recycling pile.
Suddenly lots of other things feel clearer too – isn’t that the way, clear one thing and other clarity comes as ‘if by magic’
My mind feels clearer now too – I’m not weighed down by ‘must sort spare room’ so I can think about more enjoyable things! I feel more creative – hence writing lots more and I have more physical energy too.
So if there’s one thing (or pick one from your list) that’s calling to you but you feel ‘ugghh’, give yourself the gift of time to make a start on it. Shift that negative, heavy energy and see if you feel so much better and have more energy for the things you love.

Finding joy in the simplest things

Last weekend we took our 2.5 year old to the beach. It’s a beautiful stretch of sand and sand dunes with one tea shop and one ice cream shop.
We packed a picnic and blanket and we were all set. He ran straight into the large ‘puddles’ left by the sea that was a long way out. He screamed with joy and threw himself down repeatedly into the muddy water
Later snuggled in a towel on his Dad’s lap he ate a picnic and watched people walk by and butterflies flittering from plants on the sand dunes.
Moments later the sky became black and we watched the rain on the horizon before packing up and getting to the car just as the storm broke. He loved watching the rain on the windscreen.
To him, this was the perfect day. Yet we’d spent no money – not even an icecream! We’d just had food from home and he’d run and got soaked in mud!
I remember so many similar days from my childhood – beautifully simple days where we played in nature and it was perfect.
I love the simplicity and beauty of nature and to see that beauty and magic through his eyes. It reminds me to stop and really appreciate the world, our home and to see its beauty in the millions of different facets.
Wishing you a truly beautiful day x