Step out of your Pain and create your most Radiant life

Are you feeling isolated, alone, vulnerable, abandoned and aching with pain (no matter what the ‘cause’). Let me guide you to your power.

What’s your pain? What’s holding you back from truly loving and expressing your life? You may be in physical, emotional, mental or spiritual pain. Whatever the cause, it’s holding you back and making your life small.

Take a stand for yourself now and step out of your pain and start creating the life you yearn for.

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J had coaching support as her marriage broke down. Within weeks of finishing coaching, she had met her soulmate. Two years later they were married and are still blissfully happy years later. She said: ‘I am loved and supported and can honestly say that for the first time in my life I like who I am and love myself.”

V came to me as she felt low and overwhelmed by her life and relationships. In just a few sessions she was ready to step out of invisibility and marry the love of her life as a radiant bride. She stepped into leadership in her career and was curious and open to her next business steps.
She said: ‘Sam has taught me to love myself, be myself and live life for myself, in my own way. We are all more powerful then we think and we can have influence on situations that feel out of control.’

K came to me seeking support for her whole life – her relationships, her spiritual life and her career. After several sessions she’d stepped into her business leadership, up-levelled her relationships and made space for her spiritual life
She said: ‘The coaching experience has been deeply transformative at many levels. I am able to chart a deepening of my own spiritual practice, an expansion of my spiritual community, the broadening of my professional life and the confidence to pursue alternative business opportunities.
My relationships are now much more genuine and I can receive friendship, love and care at a much deeper level. I could not have asked for a more deeply transformative experience.’

K felt isolated and wanted clarity on her work options. At the end of three sessions she was settled in a temporary job with a clear plan for future working that gave her the flexibility and stability she craved. She said: ‘Once again, immense gratitude for all your support, input, encouragement, wisdom – and (session) notes…they’re just the best. .. I just love having (them) to refer back to and build on, makes a massive difference!’

S came to me as her life was in huge transition on many levels and she wanted support to realise her dreams and move forward while navigating a complex and challenging life situation.
She said: ‘I have been supported to be empowered and increasingly able to take the steps in my life needed to move forwards. Sam is so intuitive and sensitive, and has amazing ability to hone in on the key points. It is great to be clearer on what I will no longer tolerate, have power statements, new stories and clear actions to facilitate achieving my vision in a curious playful way.’

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